you still haven’t received the transfer, how to file a complaint?

PREMIUM INFLATION. The inflation bonus is over. I did not receive anything? Not everything is lost! You will be able to file a claim very soon. All our tips in our dedicated article.

[Mis à jour le 3 mars 2022 à 07h14] Are you worried that you didn’t receive your inflation bonus on time? All is not lost yet, you have two choices to try to get inflation relief in March. First, we advise you to contact the payment institution responsible for the payment. For example, your employer if you are employed, or Crous if you are a student. The government then announced the creation of an online platform in the near future, designed to pay an inflation bonus for a “forgotten” device.” A brand new site that should see the light of day “early March”. according to the artist.

Remember that a special case remains for retirees: Agirc-Arrco scheme members. If you haven’t received your reward yet, it won’t be for long. The transfer was made at the last moment, and depending on the transaction processing time set by your bank, it may take a few days for the transfer marked “inflation compensation” to appear. The delay may be 5 days.

Are you in the category of beneficiaries who should have already received an inflation bonus, even before February 2022 for some? Do not panic. We advise you to contact the organization or company that needs to make the transfer to your bank account. There is no special inflation bonus number on any platform. Don’t know who to contact? Here is a list of preferred contacts below:

  • For staff: employer
  • For students : KRUUS
  • For applicants: Employment Center
  • For welfare recipients: CAF
  • For cross-border workers: relevant tax office
  • For farmers: SLA
  • For non-agricultural self-employed: Ursaf

Also, some professions still do not know the exact date of payment of the inflation bonus. It should no longer be delayed and should take place at the very beginning of the month March 2022. The 300,000 self-employed entrepreneurs whose bank details (RIB) are not known to Urssaf are particularly concerned. In this case, Urssaf must contact the relevant beneficiaries and pay the inflation bonus in the coming days, starting from February 2022. Finally, for certain people in the following categories, the inflation bonus has not yet been paid, no more:

  • Copyright artists
  • Self-employed sailors
  • Disability pension recipients

The inflation bonus payment has faced various challenges since its launch in December 2021. Many potential beneficiaries have not yet received it, despite meeting all the criteria. In particular, employees of private employers who are on sick leave on 31 October or job seekers laid off from Pôle Emploi who have received support from the Social Security Service for the second time, as shown by our colleagues fromRMC.

In this sense, the government will work to create dedicated website those who “forgot” about the inflation bonus. An entirely new platform that would allow those who have not yet received it to claim it in due course. Launching this new site? March 2022. Today, such a service does not exist, hence the confusion of some beneficiaries.

If you are retired and meet the two mandatory conditions, you will be paid an inflation bonus of 100 euros. Monday, 28 February. Please note that you will not receive your inflation bonus at the same time you pay your pension. To qualify for this, here are two basic conditions: to be resident of France and have an old-age pension of less than 2000 euros net per month.

If you receive a pension from general schemeIPension insurance will pay you inflation bonus in the amount of 100 euros. Remember that the National Pensions Service will only pay this contribution if the pension insurance or MSA does not pay it.

Here is a list of various payment agencies depending on your situation:

  • Pensioners with joint pension employment: Employer
  • Retirees receiving a progressive pension: Employer
  • Asbestos Early Retirement Pensioners (ACAATA): Employer
  • Retired early termination beneficiary: Employer
  • Retired ASPA Beneficiary: Employer
  • Pensioners who do not receive a pension under the general scheme: KARSAT
  • Retiree AAH Beneficiary Joined to the General Scheme: Coffee
  • Disability pensioners: Disability Pension Fund

Importantly, you will not be paid an inflationary pension supplement! Payment is completely independent and no action needs to be taken. The transfer is made automatically by the relevant pension fund. In addition, the amount paid is tax-free and cannot be counted towards your resources for allocating social assistance, such asSPA. Finally, the State Pension Service can only be involved in the payment of the inflation bonus if the Pension Insurance or SLA don’t pay.

The inflation allowance will be paid to people whose earned income or replacement income is less than 2,000 euros net per month. It will be received by persons receiving benefits and social benefits.
The list of main categories of beneficiaries is as follows:

  • Employees of private employers, including apprentices and beneficiaries of a professional development contract
  • Representatives of the authorities
  • Recipients of early retirement
  • Self-employed workers
  • Copyright artists
  • Job seekers and vocational trainees
  • Disability pension recipients
  • Pensioners, including beneficiaries of survivors’ pensions
  • Fellows and recipients of housing assistance
  • Young people on the path to employment support, public service or voluntarily integrating
  • Beneficiaries of the social minimum

Bonus 100 euros provided on an individual basis. In other words, the composition of the household is not taken into account when determining eligibility for inflation compensation. Thus, a couple can receive up to 200 euros, i.e. 100 euros each or only 100 euros if only one of the spouses meets the income conditions (see below). A total of 38 million French people will receive a €100 inflation check.

But who got hurt? In order to determine eligibility for an inflation allowance, the government set a ceiling: therefore French people who earn less than 2,000 euros per month before withholding tax is applied, regardless of their status and profession.. To determine the benchmark salary, the manager chose October 2021. Would you like to know more about the €100 bonus? will answer all your questions. Refer to our special file now:

To be eligible you must win less than 2000 euros net per month, i.e. 2600 Euro gross per month from October 2021, whether you are a government employee, employee, self-employed or retired. Note: This cap of €2,000 corresponds to your remuneration before deduction at source. Therefore, in the payroll, it will simply be necessary to check the line “net accounts payable before income tax”, above “net payable”.

Please note: if you work on a short-term contract (excluding temporary work), the €100 bonus is not automatically paid “if the total working time for the same employer is less than 20 hours,” the government warns in its dossier to hurry . “The beneficiary will be expected to report directly to one of their employers, preferably the one with whom they still have an ongoing employment relationship, or otherwise the one for whom they worked the most hours during October.” What about other situations? summarizes them for you:

  • For pensioners : you receive the minimum old age (ASPA) or the total amount of your pensions (general scheme, supplementary, survivor’s pension, etc.) is less than 2000 euros net in October 2021. “Resources will be estimated based on the sum of basic and supplementary old-age pensions (eg AGIRC-ARRCO), including survivors’ pensions [du mois d’octobre 2021]”, it says.
  • For independents: you must be active in October 2021 and declare to Urssaf or MSA an activity income of less than EUR 2,000 net per month “for 2020” as indicated. “Retained net income is calculated during the annual income statement,” he recalls. “If the activity is created between January and October 2021, this condition will be considered fulfilled.”
  • For the self-employed : your turnover must be at least EUR 900 between January 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. “This amount must also correspond to an average income of EUR 2,000 nett per month for the period that corresponds, taking into account the claim of tax deductions in depending on the type of their activity, to the average monthly turnover: 4000 euros for artisans; 6897 euros for merchants; 3030 euros for free professions,” we conclude in the press kit.
  • For applicants A: You must not work and your benefit must be less than 2,000 euros net.