Xavier Neal fired by employees

Boss Free, who owns 11% of Marseille daily, wants to become the majority shareholder.

This is a formal thanks that Xavier Niel received on Wednesday, March 2, at the headquarters of the Marseille newspaper. Provence . During a meeting with employee representatives, boss Free, who owns 11% of the group (provence, Corse-Presse was driven from the premises by CEO Jean-Christophe Cerfaty in less than ten minutes. The last exchanges took place on the porch of the newspaper’s premises.

Arrival at the territory Provence On Wednesday, Xavier Niel put forth his desire to discuss “peacefullywith employees. “I didn’t come to present my proposal, I came to get to know the employees Provence. They asked me to explain what I intend to do in the long run.he said.

After a heated argument with several employees, Jean-Christophe Cerfaty ordered him to leave the premises. “He shouldn’t be there. I told him by mail that I did not agree with his arrival. He still wanted to come and make the pass in force. I let him in, I went to the meeting. He said, “You want me to leave,” he suggested. At the time I said yes“, Jean-Christophe Cerfaty explained at the microphone of the BFM Marseille.

Tense situation

After the disappearance of Bernard Tapie five months ago, Xavier Neal tried to become the majority shareholder Provence. In mid-February, the Bobigny Commercial Court, which is responsible for litigating the liquidation of Bernard Tapie’s companies, disclosed the amount of an offer by Xavier Neal, New Jersey’s holding company to acquire 89% of his shares. deceased businessman in Provence. Xavier Niel decided to bet 20 million euros, or half of the best specialists.

In this case, the businessman who ran into Rodolphe Saade, owner of CMA-CGM, decided not to play the game of dominance because he knows he can count on his right of first refusal. The latter allows him to win in the end Provence if it is in line with the proposal of the maritime group. Deciding to afford the first assets in the press, Rodolphe Saade staked 81 million euros. While auditioning for the Senate in mid-February, Xavier Neal openly criticized the CMA-CGM proposal. “We have an industrial project whose goal is to create Provence profitable, not a dancer, not something I invest in, like this“, he began in front of the parliamentarians.

Invited to come into the room Provence On Wednesday, some of Xavier Neal’s employees intended to detail their point of view as a minority shareholder to staff delegates. Jean-Christophe Cerfaty, who had been warned the day before his visit, opposed this via email, arguing that it was equivalent to “violate a court order“. In his email, he recalled that the Marseille court ruled on February 24 that only the best offer should be presented to employees.

Employee department Provence

In recent weeks, the debate over the newspaper’s future buyer has become a source of contention among employees. Provence. Some employees support the Xavier Neal project, while others support the CMA-CGM proposal. “Some employees say they are shocked by the weakness of Xavier Neal’s offer and don’t want to do business with him anymore.”explains the trade unionist. At the same time, several employees want his proposal to also be studied by the USE. “We want to work with both sides to achieve the best selling situation from a social point of view and guarantee 850 jobs.“, – comments the representative of the headquarters.

From February 15, employees have a one-month consultation period, which can be extended once, for the issuance of an advisory opinion. The CSE will take place on Monday, March 7th in the presence of CMA-CGM representatives.