when is the starting region?

In the coming days, Digital Loire Valley will announce a call for proposals for the integration of the second session of the French Technology Ski Jump in the Center Val de Loire. The French Tech regional arm and BPI France, an association of digital innovation players, already launched the first edition of this start-up incubation program last year. Digital Loire Valley has selected a dozen projects for follow-up support with all costs paid over a period of approximately 19 months. Each of the winners received a contribution of 42,000 euros, in particular in the form of premises and consultations, ie. a total package of €500,000 for this initial share.

The innovative nature of the files is given priorityexplains Guillaume Vannest, director of Digital Loire Valley. The activities developed by these start-ups must also be beneficial to the local economy. Thanks to the contribution of digital technologies, they will contribute in particular to the growth of the main sectors of the Val-de-Loire Centre.»

Three examples from the first promotion illustrate these fundamentals. For example, Trackengo, based in Sirone in Indre, created the first two digital straw management tools. The Reckeo and Kropeo apps, designed for farmers and straw traders, aim to contribute to agriculture 4.0 in the Val-de-Loire Centre, one of France’s leading cereal and horticultural regions.

Based in Taine-en-Loire-et-Cher, as part of Food Val de Loire’s agri-food accelerator, Greenbox., created by Vincent Buchwalder produces plants of high industrial and ecological value for the cosmetics and nutritional supplements sectors. Meanwhile at Cher in Bourges, Philip Davies developed adaptable mini-batteries for electric bicycles. With the help of his startup Airvolt, he proposes to give a second life to bicycles with an assistant at the end of their life, doomed to destruction.

Among the young shoots of the Center Val de Loire, incubated since 2021 by the French technology center Tremplin, the Smart Borne has finally arrived. Designed by Kenny-Marcel Nyamugabo, a psychology student at Tours, this interactive beverage packaging selective sorting terminal is amazingly original. As an incentive, the device rewards users with vouchers at organic and fair trade stores thanks to a built-in QR code system.

Multiply digital nuggets in the center of Val-de-Loire

With the creation of the Digital Loire Valley in 2021, the Center of the Loire Valley has become one of the latest French regions to acquire an active and unifying tool in terms of new technologies. A gap that French Tech intends to fill by creating a true digital community at the level of the six departments of the Territory. The center of the Val-de-Loire already contains a significant ecosystem with several nuggets known nationally and even internationally. These include Ledger at Vierzon at Cher, a designer of virtual safes for cryptocurrencies. Dessia Technologies, the creator of an artificial intelligence platform in the field of engineering, has placed part of its teams in Orléans-on-the-Loire in 2021. On the Tour, My Serious Play has become one of the leaders in online education.

To offer a first-class introduction to the region’s most promising companies, about fifteen of them were invited by the regional council to their booth at Viva Technologies. Cybele Tech and Farm Viz, two connected farming companies, Transition One, a car repair company, Vlad, a health care battery manufacturer, Lify air, developing a pollen allergy prevention solution, will thus benefit from first-class visibility during this major annual event dedicated to technological innovation.