What technologies are behind these gaming platforms?

World online casino have undergone many changes over the years, and the technology behind them goes far beyond just connecting to the Internet.

Internet and innovation in online casino games

In the 90s and with the recent advent of the Internet, the first games began to appear on the net, with them the first programmers, until online casino games such as Cresus Casino and in other countries became popular in the world. .

Until the 21st century and with worldwide access to the internet, the number of websites dedicated to lotteries, sports betting and of course online casino games has become more and more popular every day.

Online casino and software developers

Network games, regardless of their type and theme, need software developers, because they are responsible for the implementation of the concept of the game, the development of graphics, interface, sound effects, and these are just some of the aspects.

A feature of online casinos is that the developers have created “random number generators” (RNG) for this type of games, in other words, this is a sequence of numbers or symbols that is not reasonably predictable, although it may have a pattern.

This ensures greater certainty in casino games as they cannot be manipulated to the advantage or disadvantage of any particular player. These random number generators are subject to numerous rules and checks before being used on a casino website.

These software developers are also responsible for creating various applications for mobile phones, which has a great advantage since you can enter your online game from a computer, tablet or mobile phone without significant changes to its graphics and interface. .

Special software for real-time games

Another important ally of this software is the live casino events, in this case it uses optical character recognition, projecting a visual image of the table where you can see cards, dice, roulette and others. This image is transferred to the player’s computer.

The game controller is another piece of software developed for the dealer’s table that allows the dealer to see the users’ movements and determine when to start a round or a new game. This software gives instructions to ensure that the game is as realistic as in a physical casino. These events typically use high definition 4K cameras as it enhances the user experience.

Online casinos and technology are ideal allies

There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized online casinos, which even has artificial intelligence, better known as AI, where there is massive data analysis combined with the application of algorithms, in turn using a technology known as blockchain, which provides the player with a more realistic experience.

In fact, virtual reality is already present in video games and will gradually take over new spaces until it reaches the online casino, it is only a matter of time, as technological advances will not be long in coming.

Online casino payment technologies

When we talk about technology in casino games, we don’t just mean the games, their graphics, or their ability to maintain good resolution regardless of the type of electronic device the player is using.

All casinos operate a payment system for wagering as well as distributing cash prizes to winners, in this case we mention the use of bank transfers, mobile payments, credit card payments, debit cards and even virtual wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and payments with cryptocurrencies are included quite recently.

Each of these payment methods has its own technological security system that guarantees the user that none of the data provided can be obtained by someone else, so there is no risk of unauthorized transactions being made or performed by the account holder.

The brick and mortar casinos are still attractive, being in such a majestic place is unmatched, but for many there are additional costs for flights, accommodation and not everyone has a casino around the corner of the street, so many opt for the online version. casino.

We see how technology allows us to enjoy a wide range of casino games that are just as compelling as physical casinos, so don’t wait any longer to enjoy this enjoyable experience.