What is a Bachelor of Technology?

Unlike the General Baccalaureate and the Professional Baccalaureate, the Technological Baccalaureate is prepared two years after the General and Technological Second. This leads to tertiary education, whether it be a Higher Technical Education Certificate (BTS), a Bachelor of Engineering degree from a university (BUT), to the possibility of continuing to work with a professional license.

What is the difference between the General Bachelor and the Bachelor of Technology?

That general undergraduate as well as technological both are getting ready secondary school. That Second class offers a common curriculum for both streams. At the end, students must choose specialization.

That common pathmore theoretical, gives students a wide common culture and leads to any type of supply chainHigher education (university, preparatory class, school, ITU, etc.). in technological bachelorit allows the student to specialize in their chosen field through courses that are both theoretical and practical.

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How to choose your Bachelor of Technology?

As the student tests their skills in secondhe specializes in first And in Terminal. The share of general lessons is gradually decreasing.

That technology sector consists of eight main series, grouped by sectors of activity and areas:

  • in Bachelor of Science and Technology Design and Applied Arts (STD2A) training in design areas (fashion, product, space, graphics, etc.) in general;
  • in Bachelor of Science and Technology for Industry and Sustainability (STI2D) concerns students interested in technologies at the service of the environment and the energy transition. In the final year, it includes four specialty options: Technological Innovation and Ecodesign, Information and Digital Systems, Energy and Environment, Architecture and Construction;
  • in Bachelor of Science and Laboratory Technology (STL) designed for students interested in natural sciences. Two choices apply: biotechnology or physico-chemical sciences in the laboratory;
  • in Bachelor in Health and Social Sciences and Technology (ST2S) includes careers in health and social services (social, paramedical, aesthetic-cosmetic, hygienic);
  • in Bachelor of Science and Technology in Agronomy and Life Sciences (STAV) concerns the sectors of biology, environment and agriculture. He is preparing for agricultural high school;
  • in Bachelor of Science and Technology in Theatre, Music and Dance (S2TMD ex TMD) trains future professional dancers and musicians, in parallel with the entry into the conservatory;
  • in Bachelor of Science and Technology in Hospitality and Restaurant (STHR) focuses on students who are attracted to a career in the hospitality and catering industry;
  • Finally, Bachelor of Science and Technology in Management and Management (STMG) replace STG tray. It is suitable for students with an interest in management, marketing, human resources, or digital technology. It offers four majors in the graduate class: Human Resources and Communications, Marketing, Management and Finance, and Management Information Systems.

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That sign of technological bachelor turns out with continuous monitoring (40%) and results final exams (60%).

How to integrate a technological bachelor’s degree?

Can be integrated technological bachelor after creation common and technological second. At the end of that year of definition, the student chooses his series. That first grade offers a high proportion of general lessons, while the final year emphasizes a stronger specialization.

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What to do after a technological bachelor’s degree?

That technology sector today is less focused on short courses and the opportunities offered technological bachelors many.

The student of this course then has easy access to training for higher technical professionals such as bts or GOALSand may continue to professional license. With good academic performance, more and more students are also trying their hand at preparatory class immediately after the ferry (for example, economic and commercial preparatory course technological available to STMG bachelor degree holders) or integrateUniversity And big schools. Diplomaengineer even possible!

It should be noted that students receive specialized support and that they may have other benefits during their studies (internships, tutoring, etc.).

in technological bachelor no less prestigious than general education. May be suitable for students who are looking for more specific knowledge or already know about the profession that attracts them.

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