‘We made a mistake, people want the bike to work’: Angell talks about his second chance bikes

Angell has announced its new generation of electric bikes in Paris. This line, called Cruiser, does not change the formula, but promises to solve the problems of the first series.

It would be an understatement to say that the Angell brand has a lot of work to do to catch up on the wanderlust of its first bike. Designed too quickly, released in a hurry, accompanied by a bombastic marketing speech, Angell Bike burned its wings, the company gave birth to an electric bike so buggy and ill-conceived that its use became a misery. Too bad for a mode of transport that should make people smile.

Basically, Marc Simoncini ultimately doesn’t entirely mind the analysis we did while testing Angell’s bike. During a conference held in Paris on May 17, 2022 for the presentation of the new Angell cruisers, where Numerama went, the entrepreneur concedes: “ We were wrong. People want a bike that works. “A recognition that echoes the ambition of John Mollanger, the new CEO of Angell, appointed in early 2022 to take the tricolor ship out of the storm. When we met with him in early April, this cycling enthusiast and industry savvy who ran Bang & Olufsen in Copenhagen assured us that he was committed to making Angell a fun bike to use by actively participating in its scale. change our congested and polluted cities.

Angell Cruiser S and Cruiser M vintage 2022

This new Angell idea Who walks, therefore taking the form of a new model called the Cruiser. Available in Cruiser M and Cruiser S versions, this 2022 Angell has only a few visible differences from the one we tested in 2021. The same shape, the same raised battery at the back, the same screen in the cockpit. However, we note a few small changes from the very beginning: the mudguards are standard and are no longer useless pieces of bamboo, and the light parts of the bike (taillight and indicators), transparent, finally match the 3D renderings that the brand provided to the press at the time of its announcement. . So get rid of the white plastic that gave the bike an unpleasant toy look.

Angell Cruiser M (2022) // Source: Angell

But Angell’s cruisers are also the sum of software and hardware changes. Since the publication of our test, the only review conducted independently and which contrasted with the initial enthusiasm of the press, the company has not sat idly by, fixing proven defects by the dozens. These small updates can go as far as fixing major issues: for example, putting the battery into standby mode is no longer necessary, thus avoiding the painful operation of turning on the bike.

So between these software and behavior tweaks that have been made on current bikes and those revealed by Cruisers, it would seem that Angell finally has a mastered cocktail: a plug-in electric bike made in France that works. The brand is so confident it now offers insurance a la VanMuff, called Angell Back, guaranteeing a quick replacement of the bike in case of theft, within 2 years. A way to convince more and more potential buyers for whom the risk of theft is a brake on buying an expensive bike.


Angell Cruiser: price, availability and promises

And this time the Angell Cruiser, which is scheduled for delivery at the end of June, is expensive. We found Angell expensive for their €2860 performance: Angell cruisers are listed for €3490 without any regional assistance. The original Angells models, rebadged as Rapides, are also on sale for more than 100 euros, up to 2990 euros. At Angell, we attribute this growth to the logistical and material crisis the world is going through (and it is true that all or almost all bikes will go up in price in 2022), as well as the attachment to short-circuit production – the assembly line. in France is a social and environmental obligation that comes with a price. Angell Back insurance and accessories are also offered (the latter were inflated for the original Angells).

Angell Cruiser S (2022) // Source: Angell

Angell faces some very serious competitors in the light bike sector. With its Roadlite:ON, Canyon showcases an extremely well-handling and exhilarating bike starting at €2,899. From €3,700 you can upgrade to the Specialized SL range (our Turbo Vado SL video test), whose reputation is well known. For these two bikes, we will swap the connected aspect, insurance and accessory package for a guarantee of a reliable, durable product that is easy to handle and exhilarating from the first seconds. In short, the qualities that Angell will have to demonstrate that he has with his cruisers: we will come across this in June, during the test.