VivaTech 2022: innovations and technologies with starting power

At the heart of the VivaTech cauldron, startups have, as always, sought to present their technologies and innovations in the service of hybrid work, health, commerce, or even mobility.

To keep up to date with innovations and technologies designed for both home and professional use, nothing beats a visit to VivaTech. For this face-to-face relaunch, the editors once again traveled to meet startups, especially numerous this year – over 1,700 – currently meeting (June 15-18, 2022) at the Porte de Versailles in Paris.

As usual, startups are overflowing with ideas and putting technology at the heart of their innovations. Among the well-represented sectors is healthcare, with several exoskeletons available, including the latest model from Wandercraft, the Atalante X, which is designed for patients suffering from paraplegia, hemiplegia, or any balance disorder caused, for example, by a stroke. After raising a €40 million fundraiser, the Paris-based company says it is working on thinner and lighter prototypes for mass production at a more affordable price, though without giving a date.

The Wandercraft Atalante X exoskeleton is used in rehabilitation for people with paraplegia, hemiplegia or brain damage affecting motor balance. (credit: DF)

In sports (tennis, gymnastics, crossfit, etc.), technology support is also important, as seen in the example of the British startup Scaled. The latter designs and 3D-prints flexible, high-impact nylon guards to help prevent pain associated with twisting limbs, such as tendinitis-prone wrists. The startup offers a 3D printing service, including software and a printer, and offers companies a subscription rental mode.


Natalie Kerres, founder and CEO of Scaled, at the Discovery booth at VivaTech 2022. (Photo: DF)

While many tech players are betting on the metaverse as their primary online sales platform, the future of consumer goods purchases in brick-and-mortar stores seems to have a bright future ahead of them. There is no shortage of innovations in this area, such as connected carts with an integrated payment tablet. By integrating numerous sensors and cameras to check for the presence of items, check them and prevent possible attempts to steal goods, Knap startup (Sofia Antipolis) carts are being tested at Monoprix. Similarly, Caddy, recently taken over by northern industrialist Pascal Cochez and struggling financially but projecting a turnover of 17 million euros in 2022, is betting on innovation and in particular on continuing its partnership with Knap, with whom the group works in 2019. to bounce back.


Youssef Amin, Project Manager at Knap, introduced the connected cart at the Discovery VivaTech 2022. (Photo: DF)


The Teampod by Studio Koh will be on sale from Q4 2022 for €8,000 excl. (credit: DF)

Interstellar Laboratory

After several months of delay, the first biopod module (here in miniature) from Interstellar Lab, based on the principle of aeroponic culture, should be delivered at the end of 2022. (Photo: DF)


The Poimo scooter, developed by the startup Mercari in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and carried in a backpack, weighs only 6 kg. (credit: DF)

Autonomous shuttle La Poste

Autonomous car Carreta, developed by La Poste, should provide logistical support for the delivery of mail and parcels, but is not intended to replace postmen. (credit: DF)


Jetson is offering sex for $92,000 but not until 2023 for those who haven’t placed an order yet… (Photo: DF)

Vivatech also gives many car manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations. Detour of the Renault booth.

Renault Scenic Vision concept car

The Renault interior design team led by Stefan Maiore worked on the Scenic Vision concept car for a year. (credit: DF)

VivaTech is also the perfect place to think about the future of mobility, and the manufacturer takes us far at Audi. A long way off since his latest Skysphere concept car will never be in production, which doesn’t stop him from putting a few stars in his eye. The German’s latest autonomous mechanic (level 4), which is 5.19m long, has no less than 642 horsepower for 750 Nm of torque. However, the real road bomb is limited to the virtual world.

Audi Skysphere

Autonomous electric vehicles showcased at VivaTech 2022 featuring the 642 hp Audi Skysphere concept car.