Veritas Technologies Announces NetBackup 10 Solution

Veritas Technologies announces the release of a new technology that enables a cloud-optimized data management strategy. This strategy aims to simplify the way companies manage data and automate protection against threats such as ransomware.

At Conquer Every Cloud 2022, Veritas unveiled its offline data management strategy, in which NetBackup uses artificial intelligence and hyper-automation to self-optimize and recover across multi-cloud environments. This commitment is underscored by the launch of Veritas Cloud Scale Technology, a new generation of NetBackup architecture redesigned for web scale. This cutting-edge technology, as well as the latest version of the company’s flagship software, NetBackup, is available today.

cloud scaling technology

The basis of this strategy will be the Veritas Cloud Scale technology integrated into NetBackup. Based on a containerized, AI-powered, programmable microservices architecture, this technology provides unified and self-contained data management services in any cloud. The benefits of Cloud Scale technology become apparent with the launch of NetBackup 10.

Network backup 10

At cloud scale, NetBackup 10 is optimized for the cloud and uses web-based technologies such as automation to provide less expensive, efficient, and secure data management in multi-cloud environments.

• NetBackup 10 offers enhanced multi-cloud storage and organized tiering capabilities, including enhanced support for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to reduce backup storage costs by up to 95%.

• NetBackup’s state-of-the-art deduplication services have been updated to help reduce cloud computing even further, and elastic computing services can be provisioned and scaled to meet business needs at the right time, further reducing costs.

• With support for all major Kubernetes distributions, NetBackup 10 now offers a cross-platform, multi-cloud restore service that allows users to restore the data they want to any Kubernetes distribution. Increase efficiency by simplifying and automating operations

• NetBackup SaaS Protection is now integrated with NetBackup 10 to provide a single view of all customer assets to protect data for governance and compliance purposes.

• NetBackup 10 includes a new, fully integrated base version of NetBackup IT Analytics, formerly known as Veritas APTARE, to provide end-to-end AI-driven analytics and reporting that optimizes data protection services and reduces risk.

• NetBackup 10 offers new auto-discovery and protection features to manage a large number of platform-as-a-service workloads, including Apache Cassandra and all major Kubernetes distributions, as well as Microsoft Azure Managed SQL and Azure SQL.

Increased resistance to ransomware attacks with built-in malware scanning.

• NetBackup now offers automatic malware scanning during data recovery to ensure infection-free recovery.

• NetBackup AI anomaly detection now automatically initiates a malware scan. This combination of ransomware detection services in NetBackup 10 provides granular, content-aware flexibility to quickly restore clean data.

• NetBackup 10 expands support for immutable storage to include Microsoft Azure Blob storage.