V Rising: Research how to unlock all technologies!

news council V Rising: Research how to unlock all technologies!

In V Rising you will unlock a whole bunch of new recipes to improve your character and his castle. Although boss hunting is a major part of this mechanic, research will accompany you all the way to find even more crafts. In this guide, you’ll find all of our tips on how research works and what it unlocks.


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    • How to unlock new technologies
    • Various workbenches and how to unlock them
    • Important technologies
    • Random search and clipboard


If you’re wondering what unlock recipes are available, check out the Complete List of Unlock Technologies here.

Very soon you will open new buildings for your castle. allowing you to explore and discover new technologies. When using it, you will notice a lot of fields marked with a question mark. These are technologies that you have yet to find. It can be equipment, decorations, structures, etc. There are two ways to unlock these new technologies:

  • Grimoires: These are books with the category Know. Each book opens single technology. You just need to have the grimoire in your inventory and head to the right research station to unlock it. This is stated in the description of the book. The new technology will have a yellow line around the icon. Grimoires can be obtained by opening chests, killing enemies, etc. You cannot make them yourself.
  • Random technology: Depending on the search structure used You can spend certain resources (Paper, Scroll or Blueprint) to randomly reveal technology. Have the required amount of these resources in your inventory and just press the Discovery button in the research workbench. Don’t forget to explore the new technology afterwards by clicking on it. We will return to how to handle these resources below.

Take this book to the Athenaeum to unlock a new trinket.

There are three research institutions. different and each has its own list of technologies. Here is a list of them and how to get them:

  • Research office: You get it during the starting mission when building your castle. Use paper to get a random technology.
  • Desktop : Compete Nicholas the Fallen (level 37) to get this structure. Use scrolls to get a random technology.
  • Atheneum: Achieve victory over Shepherd Raziel (level 60) to unlock this workbench. Use plans to get a random technology.

This room has everything you need for effective research.

V Rising: Research how to unlock all technologies!

Important technologies

In addition to various cosmetic structures and storage areas, Research can greatly improve your equipment as well as increase the efficiency of your jobs. Indeed, this is the only way you can unlock level X.5 items. That is a third between what you are now wearing and what is above. Armor will also have sets of bonuses. The various soils to be sought out will allow improve the efficiency of various production jobs. Technology is very important for the right progress in V Ascension.

find Our complete list of technologies to unlock.

The bonus of this sought-after set will help you on your adventure.

V Rising: Research how to unlock all technologies!

Random search and clipboard

At first, you will have no choice but to go to areas that indicate that they contain one or another type of resource for research. Open the map and look for important places to narrow down your search. For example, Bandit Camps offer more paper, Militia Camps offer more scrolls, and Army Outposts offer more cards.

However, there is a much easier way to get these resources by making them yourself. In order to be able, you must first win Nicholas the Fallen (level 37) and craft a Desktop which he leaves as a reward. After that, you’ll need luck. Whether it’s a grimoire or a random discovery, you can unlock paper press. Sometimes this process can be long, but the reward is worth it. You will be able to create various Papers, Scrolls and Plans on your own to greatly speed up your research and unlock much better equipment.

Here are the various research recipes and how to get them:

  • Paper : Directly unlocked. Made from vegetable fiber and sawdust.
  • Scroll: Unlocked by killing Icemaw (Level 56). Made with precious powder(different gems in grinder) and on the paper.
  • Plan : Unlocked by killing Makta (Level 72). Made with Parchment, Silver Ore and Spectral Dust (Gem Powder plus Ghost Crystal in the Grinder).

This paper press will satisfy your thirst for knowledge!

V Rising: Research how to unlock all technologies!

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