Use innovative technologies to create a greener future

Biodiversity loss is an existential threat to society, as well as a significant financial risk, but also an attractive investment opportunity.

J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management’s Green Planet Fund invests in companies that develop innovative solutions to protect and conserve our planet’s precious resources and fragile ecosystems.

The link between financial stability and biodiversity has attracted increasing interest in recent years. Society depends on what is called “ecosystem services”. According to WWF, almost 75% of the terrestrial environment and almost 66% of the marine environment have been significantly altered by human activities. This environmental degradation causes risks arising directly from the loss of ecosystem services, such as reduced pollination in the agricultural sector or flood control in the real estate market. Some sectors are more exposed than others to the physical risks associated with biodiversity loss, such as tourism, agriculture, fisheries and forestry. However, we are witnessing an ecological consciousness of the population, which requires cleaner solutions and more environmental protection. This demand is fueling the growth of green solutions and greater transparency about companies’ environmental impact.

Multi-theme approach

J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management is one of the key players in the field of sustainable investment. Indeed, over 30 years ago we launched our first sustainable investment solution. Today, our JSS Sustainable Equity – Green Planet solution is our flagship green investment product. It is a strategy to secure a more sustainable future by consciously investing in companies that develop innovative technologies to address and combat biodiversity loss. JSS’s Sustainable Equity – Green Planet strategy focuses on four key themes to drive a green transition: future energy, resource efficiency, ecosystem protection and smart mobility.

Source: Bank J. Safra Sarasin S.A.

We believe that recent technological advances, combined with government and public awareness, provide many exciting opportunities for investors.

To this end, our multi-theme approach aims to generate superior returns by identifying big green transition winners who will succeed and start-ups that are developing revolutionary solutions to mitigate and restore biodiversity loss. To enable investors to achieve their non-financial goals, the fund aims to have at least a 30% green income share at the portfolio level, as defined by the European taxonomy. In other words, more than 30% of income comes from activities that have a positive impact on the environment.

Our Green Planet strategy encourages a greener planet by investing in companies that support the emergence of new green technologies, encouraging transparency and achieving positive outcomes for society, the environment and investors.