Tractor cab JCB Fastrac Icon

British manufacturer JCB hosted the farm equipment revision at its Rochester, England plant in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside on April 28 and 29, 2022. At this event, JCB showcased its performance and power innovations with the arrival of the Fastrac iCon tractors.

Tractors JCB Fastrak icon row 4000 and 8000ability development 175 to 348 h., get a new armrest, digital instrument panel 7”, terminal with color touch screen 12Adjustable position, as well as a large bowl of technology has declined in three main characteristics, iConfigure, iControl and iConnect. With the last JCB now integrates control into the tractor terminal GPSmapping management and various precision farming functions such asisobus. GPS guidance offer equipped with a receiver Novatel Smart7, available in three accuracy levels: Egros as standard; Terrastar for accuracy at 3.5 cm; RTK for 2.5 see accuracy.

The JCB Fastrac Icon gets a large set of technologies available in three main features: iConfigure, iControl and iConnect.

with system iControlcontinuously variable transmission Fastrakprovided by the group Agco and original Fendtbenefits from intelligent control STK (Intelligent transmission control). Depending on the pace, this device allows operators to set their desired forward speed, allowing the tractor to adapt the correct speed and ideal gear ratio regardless of engine load. These characteristics provide, according to the manufacturer, increased transmission efficiency, as well as greater driving comfort for the operator. The transmission is controlled without prior selection on pedal or to joystick main in two modes Classical ” and ” Pro “.


The first consists of adjusting the forward speed by moving the joystick right/left, and changing the direction of travel by pushing or pulling the lever. Mode ” Pro » used to adjust forward speed pushing Where pulling joystick. In the same mode, changing the direction of movement is carried out by moving the lever to the left, while ” Cruise control ” to lock the forward speed is activated by moving to the right. System iConfigure combines a new armrest with many customizable buttons as well as a terminal. The program of the latter contains five menus – the transition from one to another is carried out by the button ” slide on your fingertip, right or left – which link to key tractor information such as GPS guidance, allow adjustment of the hydraulic valves, or present the condition of the tractor using the camera. The menu is dedicated to the universal terminal isobus 2.

The armrest has two joysticks, one main and one auxiliary.

Armrest equipped of them joysticks, one main and one auxiliary. They include buttons fully customizable as well as leverage with color-coded LEDs for proportional control distributors with electric control, PTO and hitch. Program iConfigure can get up to fifty various operator and equipment settings profiles. In addition to the three buttons on the main joystick for ” Cruise control » tractor, all keys are numbered and customizable depending on the user’s choice. Each of these buttons or levers can be assigned actions to the front or rear linkage, front or rear PTO, transmission, differential, hydraulics, or even the engine. four fingertips observe the color code of distributors in accordance with the order of their appointment.

Except for the three buttons on the main joystick for “cruise control” of the tractor, all buttons are numbered and configurable to the user’s choice.

To accompany the operator in the field, the screen software 12” also offers headland management, allowing up to fifty individual sequences fifty steps each. Tractor Fastrak iconseasily recognizable by his yellow penavailable in two finishes, professional champions and Pro Line. These versions promise automatic air conditioning linked to a solar charge sensor and built-in ambient temperature control. Cabin JCB Team Plus It has multiple storage compartments, a USB port on the radio, two USB ports for fast charging, and a USB port for transfer.