Toulouse. A local company is changing the daily lives of older people

Telegrafik, developed in Toulouse, offers several technologies to support older people in their daily lives. (© Telegraphic)

If it’s not a success story yet, it looks more and more like it… Created in 2013 in ToulouseSociety Telegraph there has been significant growth in just over a year. Specializes in help for the elderlythe Toulouse-based company develops connected technologies to enable day-to-day monitoring of their needs and activities.

“The Covid period has turned into an opportunity for our company. This period has been very difficult for aging people and some recent events have raised awareness of this. It is now unacceptable to imagine that an aging person is on earth for 4 hours. »

Carol Zisa Garattelegraphic CEO

Fall detection, prevention for the elderly, abnormal activity in home care… It took a while for telegraphics to find its market. “Now everything is accelerating,” says the director.

Daily support

Launched into the adventure of Telegrafik for almost ten years, Carol Zisa Garat there was a desire to “work with technologies that can change our lives.” The Toulouse company is currently equipping 150 establishments and/or home support (up from 62 in January 2021). Several formulas are proposed to suggest the structures in the best possible way. Fall detectors, surveillance cameras, connected objects and beds, room temperature and air quality monitoring… Telegrafik intervenes at different levels, in particular to prevent accidents.

“We also offer systems that allow people to move freely around the establishment,” explains the CEO. For example, for a person with Alzheimer’s disease, we can allow them to move around and live safely by setting restrictions so that they cannot leave the facility. »

“We try to identify urgent or important situations (falls) and prevent risks. The idea is to detect deterioration in a person’s well-being (decrease in walking speed, lack of fluid, etc.). Someone who is dehydrated is more at risk of falling. »

Carol Zisa Garattelegraphic CEO
Connected glasses allow you to assess the level of hydration of an elderly person.
Connected glasses allow you to assess the level of hydration of an elderly person. (© Telegraphic)

More and more people in nursing homes

All these innovative technologies allow us to imagine a slightly different future for older people. There are currently just over 700,000 people in nursing homes in France. “If we do nothing, by 2030 this figure should double,” warns Carol Zisa-Garat. An EHPAD entry is made when home care is no longer possible…”

Through its technology, Telegrafik hopes to offer solutions to these 700,000 people to make a difference and strengthen home care.

“Our technology complements human support very well. »

Carol Zisa Garat
Carol Zisa-Garat.
Carol Zisa-Garat. (© Telegraphic)

What is the future of Telegraphic

Growth prospects are now important for the Toulouse company. “We always look forward to an increase in the number of equipped sites,” said Carol Zisa-Garat. Telegrafik should quickly exceed 200 collaborations and plans to reach 500 equipped places in the medium term. “In addition, we have just signed a contract with a major customer in Spain,” Tuluzain continues.

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With a presence in Dom-Com (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion, etc.), the Toulouse-based company prioritizes the French market. “There is a lot to do here, especially after the unfortunate events that have been reported in recent months…”

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