Top 5 Sony TV technologies

Top 5 Sony TV technologies

When it comes to innovative technologies, Sony is undoubtedly one of the market leaders. And for good reason, Sony technology has radically changed our visual and auditory experience for generations. Here’s an overview of Sony’s latest technologies that help create world-class entertainment for users around the world:


Sony Cognitive XR technology uses artificial intelligence to create an incredibly realistic and immersive cinematic experience. By recreating content similar to what people see and hear in the real world, Cognitive XR lets you not only enjoy your favorite movies and shows, but enjoy them as if you were part of them. Cognitive XR, for example, makes it possible to understand how people often focus on a particular detail in a given image (such as the main character in a movie scene). This state-of-the-art technology then enhances the image so you can see it as if it were unfolding right in front of you. Cognitive XR also uses AI to ensure that the sound of a given image is always perceived in 3D. In other words, thanks to Cognitive XR technology, epic war films like Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk will not only look amazing every time you watch them on a Sony BRAVIA XR TV, but they will always sound fantastic.

Acoustic Surface Audio+

Sony believes that great pictures should always be accompanied by great sound. Acoustic Surface Audio+, featured on the BRAVIA XR OLED models, uses the TV’s center speaker as well as advanced audio processing to ensure that audio is always centralized. In addition, the presence of drives behind the TV allows you to always get very clear acoustics, perfectly synchronized with the image. The optional subwoofer in turn provides powerful bass that accurately reproduces all frequencies and creates a spatial effect that envelops the entire room. Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ continues the long tradition of cutting-edge audio technology that has made Sony the leader it is today.

One tablet

Sony is redesigning the TV with the One Slate, just like it did when it launched its legendary Trinitron TV over 50 years ago. The One Slate concept uses the aesthetics of TVs to create real pieces of furniture and home furnishings. Gone are the days of standard TV design protocols, so no more bulky mids, bulky wall mounts, and hard-to-reach buttons. Sony uses advanced display technologies that allow all TV features to be integrated directly into the

screen, eliminating the need for other elements such as speakers, bezel or stand. The result is a TV with an avant-garde design, transparent and innovative.

360 Dolby Atmos Spatial Sound Mapping

The new Sony 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology lets you hear sound in all directions and at any distance. Using an algorithm that adds an extremely enveloping sound to ordinary audio files, 360 Spatial Sound Mapping turns everything you listen into an extraordinarily immersive sound. If you enjoy watching wildlife documentaries like Life in Color with David Attenborough, you will hear every beat of a butterfly’s wing with incredible intensity. Sony’s innovative technology allows you to create multiple phantom speakers (up to 12) from just four real speakers. In this way, the sound field is optimized and the sound becomes larger than in real life. The Sony HT-A9 Home Theater System features Sony’s renowned 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology for an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

Pro Environment Optimization

On conventional TVs, the screen brightness is always the same regardless of the lighting in the room, which means that the resulting images are always either too dark or too bright. Sony BRAVIA XR TVs are equipped with Ambient Optimization technology, which is based on the presence of a built-in light sensor that can optimize the picture depending on the brightness of the room and produce an optimal picture in any conditions. In addition, Sony’s Ambient Optimization technology recognizes whether certain objects, such as curtains, may be interfering with sound, thereby degrading the quality of what you hear.

Sony TVs are equipped with Ambient Optimization technology, which detects objects in the room and plays sound optimized for the environment you are in.