Top 12 Recent Examples of Missing Technologies

In life we ​​invent things (sometimes even invent things we regret), and then along the way, acting as progress, we move on to something else, leaving behind the very last copies of a long line of objects on obsolete utility. We bring you the last remnants of another time.

1 New York City’s Last Phone Booth

What about France then? Well, although we announced in 2018 the total destruction of phone booths, in reality there would be 26 and possibly more in the so-called white zones not covered by the Orange network.

2. The last urinal in Paris

To avoid shit and piss at all costs, in 1870 the city authorities of Paris thought to install vespasiennes (they owe their name to the Roman emperor Vespasian, who is mistakenly credited with the invention of public urinals). in the capital, Arago Boulevard at 14th.

3. The last guillotine

If Hamida Djandoubi was the victim of the last guillotine execution in Europe in 1977, then the last public execution by this charming process dates back to 1937. did the execution on the guillotine look like?

4. Latest tires

If there’s one thing that fascinates me more than the Internet, space exploration, and surgeon Nicole Kidman, it’s tires. This mind-blowing facility was used to quickly deliver packages through a network of pipes that criss-crossed all of Paris. Despite the ingenuity of such a communication system, PTT finally interrupted this service on March 30, 1984 at 17:21, and this personally upset me very much.

5. Latest iPods

We plunged back, our memories of the iPods little left. Due to the fault of the giants Deezer and Spotify, these digital music players became obsolete, and on May 10, 2022, Apple announced that it had put its latest iPods before production was stopped. TEAR.

6. The last video club

If in France they are rare and can be counted on the fingers of one hand, then the most recent video club in the United States has closed since 2014. The Potomac Video brand was one of the resistance fighters, but its last Washington address also went bankrupt.

7. The last porn cinema

In 2019, we lost the Beverly, the mythical Parisian porno cinema that has been moistened with lucky cards from France for centuries. However, it wasn’t actually the last X cinema, as there are still a few hidden dark rooms, such as the Boulevard Atlas de Clichy. M’enfin, it’s still easier to polish a pancake at home.

8. Subway of the last class

When the subway opened its doors in 1900, we all thought it was really good. That’s why it took us a little while before thinking that this story of first and second class for daily public transport was a bit of a headache. Just imagine that before 1990, by paying 10 cents more, you were entitled to a middle car, more spacious, less dangerous and with leather seats, while the majority of the population was crowded into other rickety wagons. On August 1, 1991, the most recent upscale subway ended.

9. The last steam locomotive

While the very last steam locomotive was being built in France in 1953, its last train went on the rails on March 29, 1974. In reality they still exist for certain lines, for example in the highlands, but are no longer in use. for passengers.

10. The Last VCR

In the 1980s we were producing another 15 million discs, but 20 years later, with the advent of DVD, VCRs were no longer needed. Their production finally ceased in July 2016, simultaneously announcing the end of VHS production. Sad.

11. The last minitel

Saturday 30 June 2012 has been like no other day since we deactivated the last Minitel codes… For those who haven’t experienced the joys of 3615, it doesn’t change much, for others, it’s the end of an era.

“Even if Minitel is still generating revenue, usage and traffic have plummeted. It…

Published by Le Monde on Thursday 21 July 2011

12. The last airship

What a zeppelin time! Unfortunately, in 1937 they had to say goodbye. The fire in Lakehurst, which is eloquently evidenced by the photo below, put an end to their rather dangerous exploitation.