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Top 10 New Technologies in 2021

Change is permanent. This applies to your professional life as well. Improvement in our time is necessary for a very simple reason: technology is changing very fast. Therefore, we have identified the Top 10 trend technologies which will attract huge market in 2021.

Interfaces brain machineintelligent robots and DNA computing may look like movie technology, but we believe they are new high-tech technologies may have real impact to our daily life. So we made a list 10 technologies the most fashionable in 2021.

Here are the main areas of transactions that we will talk about throughout the article:

  • 5G technology
  • Internet of Behavior (IoB)
  • DevSecOps
  • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)
  • Touch virtual reality
  • Big data analysis
  • human augmentation
  • Everything as a Service (XaaS)
  • cyber security
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

5G technology

That 5G technology this is the generation of future networks. It should provide at least 20 Gbps downlink and 10 Gbps uplink speed, which will allow the 5G network to operate at least 40 times faster than the current 4G LTE.

This will open doors for new servicesnetworking andcustomer experience for telecom operators.

Companies investing in 5G: Samsung, Huawei, Intel, Deloitte, Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm.

Internet of Behavior (IoB)

I’use and collection of data influence behavior is calledInternet behavior (IOB). For example, industrial facilities wishing to determine compliance with a mask-wearing protocol by employees who used computer vision and then collect that behavioral data for analysis by organizations to get people to follow government protocols at work.

IS to the opportunity collect, combine and process data which come from many sources such as:

  • Citizen data to be processed by the public sector
  • Business customer data
  • government agencies
  • social media
  • public domain
  • Location tracking.

The constant maturity of the high technology processing this data has allowed this method to evolve.

Companies investing in IoB : AWS, Cisco, SAP, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Dell, Cloudera


DevSecOps is an abbreviation development, security and operation. Its goal is to realize Security at the same scale and speed as development and operation, and not just for fun. With wider adoption microservicesDevsSecOps seems to be getting deeper into our DevOps market.

But that’s not all. One operating model “anywhere” will be vital for companies to successfully exitcurrent economy.

Basically, this operating model allows you to access the company, provide it and activate it at any time.

Companies investing in DevSecOps : Amazon, NASA, Capgemini, Dell, Oracle

Intelligent process automation

I’robotic automation Processes are based on the idea that “whatever can be automated should be automated”. This year we discovered something even more exciting:intelligent process automation. I’API, in a nutshell, allows bots to capitalize on the power of artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, which means they can learn and improve over time. This allows these intelligent robots to overcome the “do if do that” rule. Adoptionautomation intend to grow, investment inAPI It is expected to reach $232 billion by 2025.

Companies that invest in API : KPMG, AWS, Microsoft

Touch virtual reality

That innovative technologies offer a more immersive experience, such as the virtual reality And augmented reality. Virtual reality immerses the user in a simulated environment, while augmented reality is overlay technology in the real world. CISCO predicts that by 2022, AR-VR traffic will grow 12 times worldwide in all areas of entertainment.

The sense of touch allows us to better understand things that cannot be fully perceived with the help of sight or hearing. That’s where tactile virtual reality will have its place. It combines the use of several types of technologies, including sensors, advanced optics, etc., grouped in one device, which allows you to overlay augmented digital content in your space in real time. With advances in tactile and tactile technology, the touch barrier can now be overcome.

Companies investing in Tactile VR : Oculus, Virtuix, Cisco

Big data analytics

I’big data analysis on the market for quite a long time. More and more companies are adopting it to go beyond the methods traditionally used for data storage and processing.

New trends such as X-Analytics are used to find solutions to problems, including climate change, disease prevention, and the protection of fauna and flora.

in large amount of data will also offer us interesting trends such as Solution Intelligence which will provide an environment to help data engineers model, design, monitor and execute decision-making processes in relation to business behavior and in the context of results.

Companies investing in big data analytics : Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, Spotify, Google, Adobe

human augmentation

People are constantly experimenting with technology to improve life as they know it. This curiosity has now reached another territory,human augmentationwhich essentially consists of the use of technologies such asartificial intelligence AndInternet of Thingsnot only to improve our daily lives, but also to take human intelligence to the next level.

Research is currently focused on helping People with disabilities thanks to bionic and increasing the number of prostheses and curing diseases through gene experiments. But the promise is to end existing handicap or prevent injury altogether.

It may also offer opportunities for other creative features. For example, companies like Neuralink are looking to create an interface brain machine incredibly powerful, capable of handling huge amounts of data.

Companies that invest in human augmentation : Neuralink, Google, Samsung, Exo

Everything as a Service (XaaS)

Period, term ” All as a service (XaaS) is a term cloud computing which refers to a wide variety of services and applications that are emerging and that users can access on demand over the Internet, instead of using local means. This gives you the ability to customize computing environment to create the experience you want, all on request. XaaS has expanded to include many services such as:

  • Function as a service
  • IT as a service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Security as a Service
  • Database-aa-a-Service

As these applications become even more portable, as it becomes easier to provide real-time compute cycles as data integration platforms make connectivity easier and vendors form cross-platform alliances, the trend multi cloud might just start to look like a trend all-cloud soon.

Companies investing in XaaS : HPC, Red Hat, VMWare, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

cyber security

While many organizations are experiencing huge digital transformationsawareness of the inevitable presence cyber attacks continues to grow not only for large organizations, but also for small businesses. If cyber security not new, its a trend!

in virtual dispersion network (VDN) is a unique approach to cybersecurity in which the signal is transmitted in short packets or quantum packets that cannot be secretly read without violating their content. Basically, no one can intercept data sent to you without introducing noise.
That cyber security to blockchain is a more modular and flexible approach to security that centralizes orchestration and distributes execution.

Companies are beginning to realize that strategy effective cyber security not just luxury, but absolute necessity.

Companies investing in cybersecurity : CISCO, RedHat, IBM

Artificial intelligence

Robust Implementationartificial intelligence will improve performance, scalability and reliability while delivering a full return on investment. But projectsartificial intelligence often face certain issues that make it a problem for most organizations. But there are new solutions designed to cope with these problems.

I’artificial intelligence engineering proposes to integrate AI into the process Devops general, not a set of specialized and isolated projects. This helps address maintainability, scalability, and management issues.
Tiny AI seeks to create algorithms allows you to reduce modelsdeep learning without sacrificing its capabilities to fit more computing power into less physical space and consume far less power, helping to reduce costs.

This technology is poised to make another revolution and hence is on our list of the hottest technologies.

Companies investing in AI: Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM

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