“These geniuses of new technologies are becoming a real force that hinders the freedom of trade and industry,” the lawyer condemns.

Several media outlets have launched legal proceedings in France against the American digital giant, which is accused of violating competition law.

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“Apple has already been condemned for the same reasons”explained on Tuesday, August 2, Master Franceinfo Alexandre Lazarègue, a lawyer specializing in digital law. Team Le Figaro and other mobile apps have filed lawsuits against Apple, which is accused of violating competition law with its monopoly on app distribution in the iPhone market. The California giant has a “deliberate, anti-competitive and unjustified monopoly,” according to two French newspapers affiliated with Geste, an association that represents publishers of content and online services, according to a complaint filed in a court in San Jose, California. ).

Franceinfo: Do ​​they have a chance to make Apple bend?

I, Alexander Lazareg: This is likely, if the case law of that jurisdiction is to be believed, since Apple has already been convicted. For the same reasons, the company was interrogated by the American video game company Epic Games. This decision was not entirely agreed with the video game company in the United States, but it recognized a kind of monopolistic exploitation by Apple, which imposed its payment methods and the commission it was supposed to receive. This is a real condemnation of the monopolistic situation, which is carried out with the help of this appeal.

What are Apple’s arguments?

In a market economy, prices are free, so Apple doesn’t have to argue. If there is an agreement between different contractors, this is possible. But today, you have no other choice but to go through them to reach out to your consumers as two major systems dominate: Android, owned by Google, and iOS, owned by Apple. If you want to go through Apple, you are a prisoner of Apple. If you buy the app Le Figaro with your Iphone and you change your phone to Android, you need to buy the app again. Given their monopoly, they can set the price. Today, 40% of iPhone users use the iOS system. So if you want to solve those 40%, you have to go to Apple and that’s why they impose their price. It is this monopolistic situation that justifies such treatment. This is the brake on the market economy.

Content creators say that Apple’s actions are aimed at destroying competition. What do you think ?

Absolutely. Voices are being raised in the United States because they have realized that these new technology geniuses, who have been innovating for decades, are becoming real forces hindering the freedom of trade and industry. Legislation has put in place new texts that do not apply to old contracts in order to be able to fight these dominant cold monsters that can be dangerous to the economy. When you dominate the market, you must not abuse this dominance, you must allow other companies to develop without being in a position of loyalty to the dominant group.