The Polytechnic Institute of Paris is interested in tomorrow’s medicine

Published on July 23, 2022, 10:40 am

Bringing engineers and doctors together to tackle the major healthcare challenges of tomorrow. This is a bet initiated by the Polytechnic Institute located in Paris-Saclay. The latter has just joined forces with the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria) and Saint-Joseph Marie Lannelongue Hospitals to create an E4H (Engineering for Health) center. “Our society is undergoing a revolution made possible by the convergence of a set of technologies and medical and social practices with unprecedented opportunities,” said Abdul Barakat, E4H Center Scientific Co-Director, during the Center’s inaugural session. July 7th

Prepare very high-level researchers

The center has three main objectives: to bring together about 120 researchers from the Polytechnic Institute in the field of life sciences and medicine, to recruit students, doctoral students and research teachers in this field, and to promote synergy between industrial, academic and hospital partners. .

The E4H Interdisciplinary Center will enable young researchers to work on very high-level projects in collaboration with our medical and paramedical teams and our support services.

Jean Patrick Lajonchère Director of Saint-Joseph-Marie-Lannelonge Hospital

In addition to research, the E4H Center has an important mission to train and mentor young, cutting-edge scientists in the field of biology. “The E4H interdisciplinary center will allow young researchers to work on very high-level projects in collaboration with our medical and paramedical teams and our support services,” says Jean Patrick Lajonchère, director of the Hôpitaux Saint-Joseph Marie-Lannelongue, who believes that the Hospital of the Future should unite doctors and engineers to innovate both in the field of care and in its organization and management.

It should be noted that cooperation on these issues between the Polytechnic University, clinicians and partner institutions is already underway; they must be strengthened with the advent of the center.

Polytechnic Resources

The new research and innovation center will be able to draw on Polytechnique’s expertise in the physical sciences, mathematics and social sciences, as well as its technology transfer office and start-up incubator located on campus. The Institut Polytechnique will also provide the E4H center with new fully equipped laboratories for students, startups and industrial partners to work on bioengineering design and development projects (specifically personalized therapy, design and development of medical devices and related health products). .

“The success of this fourth interdisciplinary center of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris will be based, in particular, on the high scientific and technological potential of the Institute, especially in the field of medical imaging and predictive modeling of living systems,” said Eric Labaye, President of the Institute. Polytechnic Paris.


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