Ten Russian aircraft blocked in France – Liberation

War between Ukraine and Russiacase

Aircraft leaving Airbus or Dassault factories or being overhauled at repair shops have been immobilized and cannot be delivered or returned to their owners due to European Union sanctions against Moscow.

The ban on flights between France and Russia continues to give results. Last weekend, attention was riveted on the devices of several oligarchs who came to rest in Chambéry or Basel-Mulhouse. Most of them have since left French territory. This was announced by the representative of the airport of Nice. Release that the Boeing 787, owned by billionaire Roman Abramovich, who also owns a house in Cape d’Antibes, took off on Wednesday, February 24th.

On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Transport, “ten aircraft registered in Russia or owned by Russia in France” are still in France. this “six business or light aircraft and four airliners”. Of these, four are new and awaiting delivery to the customer, and three are being overhauled in repair shops. Thus, the last three will operate and be hosted at French airports that are neither Orly nor Roissy nor Nice and Chambéry, according to statements from managers of those platforms interviewed by Liberation. Currently, these ten aircraft cannot be returned to their owners or users in accordance with the sanctions measures taken by the European Union against Russia. Since February 27, the airspace of Europe has been banned for aircraft of Russian companies. In addition, the sale of aircraft or aircraft parts is prohibited.

The largest model in the Airbus line

One of the first to pay the price? Airbus. The manufacturer’s portfolio of orders includes the delivery of 13 A350 aircraft to the Russian company Aeroflot. Two are ready and ready for delivery. In anticipation of better days, the first one is still kept at Châteauroux (Indre) airport, just to avoid cluttering up the runway in Toulouse and to be careful in this matter. The second left that platform on 24 February to return to Toulouse to be handed over to his client, three days before the flight and delivery ban went into effect.

The situation is all the more unfortunate for Airbus because in the aviation trade, 90% of the value of an aircraft is paid… at the time of delivery. In this case, there can be no question of providing a loan for a period of up to sixty months with the right to buy, as in the case of a car purchase by an individual. The A350 is the largest model in the Airbus lineup. Discussed – including a discount – from 140 to 160 million euros apiece. However, the European manufacturer did not want to reveal details about the future of these devices.

“Freeze Contracts”

Release also interviewed the Dassault group, whose Falcon business jets (from 25 to 75 million euros each) are very popular among Russian businessmen. Again, no comment. Presenting the company’s financial results this Friday morning, CEO Eric Trappier simply indicated that he “in his order, order a number of aircraft for Russian customers and consider freezing these contracts in each specific case”.

On the other hand, he declined to provide any details about the finished and upcoming devices. Half of the planes destined for Russian airlines are actually owned by leasing companies, which then rent them out to airlines. According to Financial Times, they have until the end of March to restore their devices and terminate contracts with Russian carriers. Thus, more than 500 aircraft will be involved in contracts worth around 9 billion euros.