Technology: ‘SudelyApp’ Officially Launched in Congo

The official opening took place on July 22 in Brazzaville in the presence of Ministers of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy Léon Just Ibombo and Ministers of Technical and Vocational Education Ghislain Thierry Manguessa Ebom, Executive Secretary of the Advisory Council de la Jeunesse. , Juste Bernardin Gavet and several entrepreneurs and students, Studely is the first financial service dedicated to students that aims to simplify financial and administrative procedures from their country to their accommodation in the country of welcome. Specifically, the structure supports students in obtaining the following documents: visas, residence permits, proof of availability of resources, tuition fees, housing search, travel insurance, health, housing, job search, internship or student work, etc.

The StudelyApp is based on my experience and my mobility experience in France. I faced huge difficulties more than ten years ago. To deal with this, we have created this application to allow students to get rid of the hassle they know and used to know. Studely, the company that runs it, is a financial institution headquartered in France that offers a range of services, the main of which is proof of resources, that is, an irrevocable transfer certificate, which students need when they want to get a visa … explained Duplex Kamgang, CEO of the Studely Group.

According to him, this payment account will allow a student from the Congo to make the necessary payments, in particular, tuition fees, accommodation, and upon arrival at the place, the latter will be able to do all these operations with his application, and then purchase a payment bank card. Minister Ibombo welcomed this innovation as he believes this platform will enrich the Congolese ecosystem with concrete solutions to real problems faced by many mobile students. ” In this shared vision that commits to investing in digital data with a bright future, I would like here to congratulate and support the promoter of the Studely platform, as well as the Kosala business incubator. “, he said.

Dexter Omono, CEO of Kosala, highlighted the fact that Studely are young people who had a dream. They dared and created a platform that can help many people. Dexter sometimes invited other young people to follow in the footsteps of entrepreneurship. ” At Kosala we say that you can start from scratch and succeed. And this is not a slogan, but an experience that we have lived. You have a project, come visit us in Kosala and we will help you through our incubator “, he said. And in continuation: We complain that young people visit and do nothing. And today the government manages to create conditions. If change doesn’t come from above, it can come from below. We must create a climate to take advantage of public support. Thanks to the government for supporting youth “.

Edith Michel Samba, parent of a student who used Studely, shared her testimony during the ceremony to instruct the audience. She claimed that the structure she discovered in 2020 helped her a lot in the journey of her daughter, niece and even the daughter of an acquaintance. And what she appreciates in her services is, in particular, the speed of obtaining a visa, the traceability of funds management and the ease of administrative procedures.

The app is already available on the Play Store and coming soon to the App Store.