Technology: Huawei in Ivory Coast launches Seeds of the Future 2022

Published on 20.08.2022 at 12:18 APA News

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei launched the Seeds of the Future 2022 program in Abidjan on Friday, a program aimed at educating young people about technology. scheduled for the period from 19 to 29 August 2022. On the occasion of the launch of this 5th session, prizes were also awarded to the 2021 winners representing the 4th edition.

Mr. Etienne Liu, President of Huawei West Africa Region, said that “the main motivation of the group is to mentor young talents to make them more competitive in the labor market, as well as enable them to fully contribute to the development of their country.”

This year, the group has committed to “preparing 5,000 young people by 2025,” Mr. Etienne Liu said in his speech, adding that this mission will be carried out through youth education programs.

“Seeds for the future is a program that aims to provide students with new perspectives on topics that Huawei intends to invest in, develop and innovate: artificial intelligence; 5G; big data; Cloud computing…”, he specified.

This is being done to “accelerate the digital transformation in Côte d’Ivoire in order to support the actions of the government of Côte d’Ivoire in its pursuit of development,” continued Mr. Etienne Liu. The group supports the state in several sectors to digitize its processes.

Of the 30 young people trained in 2021, only 22 have been awarded. Mr. Mebeti Dosso, Adviser to the Prime Minister in charge of the digital economy, hailed the program, which promotes the emergence of digital technologies and the improvement of NICT development in the country.

More than 700 students have been trained since 2017. Every year, 30 young people are selected after testing and are introduced to new information and communication technologies.

The Minister of Employment and Social Protection of Côte d’Ivoire said that his office is involved in the implementation of the National Employment Policy 2021-2025, which aims to provide access to decent jobs and increase employment opportunities for youth and develop entrepreneurship.

“Dear young people, know how to take advantage of this opportunity for quality learning that is being offered to you, be sponges of knowledge (…) it is by relying on the basic principles that you will contribute to building a prosperous Ivory Coast,” he advised.

Mr. Koffi N’Guessan, Minister of Technical Education, Vocational Training and Apprenticeships, representing the Minister of Communications and the Digital Economy, Amado Coulibaly, welcomed this initiative, which is “an assignment of your knowledge and skills.

He will report that the evaluation of the Seeds of the Future initiative highlights the participation of 25 major schools and Ivorian universities with over 700 students. He urged the winners to maintain their spirit of scientific and technical monitoring, because in this sector changes are very fast and constantly evolving.

Each Seeds of the Future 2021 winner received a trophy, a membership certificate and a mobile phone. They passed the baton to the next edition after the symbolic sowing of the seeds by the authorities present.