Technology and power come together at John Deere

In addition to its new autonomous tractor unveiled at North America’s most important electronics show in early January, John Deere is reinventing itself with the launch of the 5M tractor and the new generation 6R.

“This is a complete solution, from the tractor to the integrated technology. We continue to work with the same systems; we don’t vaccinate others. So for our customers, this is an evolution, not a revolution,” says JLD-Laguë Group agricultural sales director Bruno Bouchard of John Deere tractors. He recalls that there is know-how, the company has been developing its own GPS receivers since 1994.

The power of the great

With the 5M, the company wants to completely redefine what manufacturers can get from a midsize tractor. “John Deere offers the features of the largest new generation tractors, including technology,” Bouchard explains. But we have a tractor that is smaller, more versatile, more manoeuvrable, but which will still reach 123 hp. »

In terms of technological advances, the AutoTrac navigation system, which reduces overlap among other things, is now featured on an integrated screen. The fully digital information station offers more detailed information. “This is a tool that has already been on the 8 Series for 10 years. Now tractors with power from 90 hp. there is huge potential,” says Mr. Bouchard.

It also offers a JDLink data management tool and Bluetooth connectivity.

With the introduction of PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmissions on 5M tractors, shifting is done without a clutch pedal thanks to the acceleration and downshift buttons. These transmissions offer 16 or 32 speeds.

Among the eight models that will be offered in the spring, the 5125M offers up to 123 hp. It is still very agile, Mr. Bouchard said, which should make it popular with snow contractors, dairy, hay and livestock producers. Rear lift has also been increased to make it easier to maneuver large equipment.

Reimagining the popular series

The 6R tractor line has been updated and expanded to offer a new power-to-weight ratio to suit any farming application. ” This redesign complete, with the addition of two new models, 6R 140 and 6R 165, Mr. Bouchard explained. This is truly our best-selling all-round farm tractor. »

The 6R 140 offers manufacturers the fourth choice in the 110 to 140 hp small chassis category, while the 6R 165 adds a third model to the 145 to 165 hp medium chassis range. With power ups and intelligent power management, they increase power to 166 hp. and 212 hp respectively when working with heavy trucks, with PTO or with hydraulics. This new Intelligent Power Management (IPM) is available on all 6R tractors. In particular, it is activated when performing transport tasks at a speed of more than 15 km / h.

The series also includes a new reversible fan that improves engine cooling and reduces fuel consumption. These popular models feature increased hitch capacity and loader technology.

Autonomous, the 8R can be taken to the field and then tilled without a driver.

In the field without a driver

The autonomous 8R has been making headlines since early 2022. For good reason, this tractor, which will be offered in the North American market this fall, is the company’s first driverless tractor.

“The first application will be combined with ground tools with TruSet technology, which allows you to control the depth and intensity of work,” explains Mr. Bouchard.

In this way, the tractor can be taken to the field and follow the map with tillage regulations alone.

According to Mr. Bouchard, this model could be a solution to the problem of labor shortages in agriculture. “While the tractor prepares the soil in the field 24 hours a day in the spring, the grower on his planter makes sure that Job sowing done. »

In addition to the GPS system, the autonomous 8R relies on six pairs of stereo cameras that provide a 360-degree obstacle detection field.

This article appeared in the March 2022 issue of L’UtiliTerre, available to our subscribers here.