Technologies at the heart of contact centers

For any business, especially in the banking sector, customer relationship care is a priority. “Research confirms that user experience is a key element within a strategic orientation. Organizations usually take this into account to determine what investments need to be made and what evolution should be initiated,” says Ayda Alev, director of Deloitte Digital Luxembourg.

The human aspect is all the more important in this sector. It is not the products that make a bank stand out, but its ability to offer differentiated services to attract new customers or maintain an existing base.

Call centers, direct and reassuring communication

The call centers created by these companies are at the heart of this customer service and are much needed. “We noticed that during the Covid crisis, users turned to these centers because they no longer had a direct connection with the agencies. Faced with pronounced uncertainty, banking institutions had a key role to play, offering financial solutions to reassure individuals and companies. In a crisis, everyone turns to his institution to be listened to.

From a technical standpoint, banks with a contact center (call or email) and an on-premises managed infrastructure (on-premises) have struggled. The latter really had to be tough to guarantee access to their employees from home and allow them to answer calls remotely. “During the crisis, organizations that did not start digital transformation before the pandemic had to face a difficult situation. Those who, on the contrary, were already involved in this process, got out of it better and adapted faster.”

In the context of the crisis, organizations that did not start digital transformation before the pandemic had to face a difficult situation.

Ayda Alev, director, , Deloitte

Transformation, necessity

Faced with this observation, it is necessary that banking institutions develop. “Based on the global contact center survey we conducted, we see that many organizations will face even more complex customer interactions in the coming years.”

To cope with these challenges, banks will have to continue to invest in innovation and digitalization of their processes. For institutions that have deployed the cloud, developing new solutions should be easy. “We expect many organizations to turn to the cloud to increase efficiency, speed and agility. This is necessary to ensure the continuity of operations.”

In addition to this use of the cloud, tool-level improvements are offered through AI (artificial intelligence). “For example, we are seeing the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) which allows written or voice messages to be analyzed to detect recurring themes or even categorize queries. You can go even further. Indeed, the analysis of exchanges not only allows agents to improve, but also to personalize customer interactions for greater satisfaction. This individual approach can be provided by analyzing the information and implementing a more intuitive system.” The advantage of these new technologies is also to improve the work of contact center employees. After that, the latter can devote his time to more efficiently handling complex requests and customer expectations.

Exchange analysis allows agents to improve as well as personalize customer interactions for greater satisfaction.

Ayda Alev

Ayda Alev, director, , Deloitte

Select hybrid mode

If these solutions are aimed at equipping these agents and servicing interactions, it is important to keep the human approach by implementing a hybrid mode. “Technology should serve the needs of the business and be a lever to solve operational problems. In a sometimes troubling environment, it is essential to invest in contact centers by equipping them with the right skills and organization. We see awareness and interest in these topics,” concludes Azhda Alev.