Symbiose technologies, solutions for better water management

It was Philippe Ruballe, Managing Director of Symbiose, who was behind its creation in 2003. The company, founded in 2016 in the St. Elizabeth area of ​​Monceau, is specialized in water management solutions: from consulting to design, production and installation of equipment with professional (sale or rental).

Philippe Ruballet also participates in the crisis committee of the Chamber of Commerce and the Prefecture of Saone-et-Loire.

We now know that Saône et Loire has joined the watch departments due to water shortages. And CUCM is the part of the department where the drought is the worst. Nevertheless, Burbins still remains at a decent level.

According to the manager of the Montcellian company, professionals and individuals could be much calmer if they foresaw the crisis. Indeed, episodes of heat waves and droughts have become more frequent over the course of several years. And there are many solutions for collecting rainwater, storing water from a well or small streams.

Today, the crisis affects more than 90% of the department. This is characterized by a ban on the use of water for non-life needs. Therefore, it is forbidden, for example, to fill the pool.

Forecast for next year, solutions to implement now

While it’s too late to implement water recovery solutions this year, Symbiose’s CEO nonetheless points out that better management for next year could already be in place. Currently, only water for animals and drinking water for users have priority.

The crisis is also limited thanks to the summer closure in August of many water-intensive enterprises.

In addition, the length of the day begins to shorten, which reduces the heat and drying of the soil. According to this specialist, the situation is not deteriorating so quickly.

There are solutions for professionals to anticipate water shortages:

  • Montcellian first offers equipment for sale to those wishing to invest,
  • then offers farmers equipment for rent, such as tanks of 30, 200 cubic meters or even a million liters. This can be an emergency solution, especially in anticipation of severe storms.

Indeed, it is allowed to take water from the ground. And even this is very visible. Indeed, it will be very difficult for dry soils to absorb rainwater in the coming weeks.

For example, on CUCM, this could lead to flooding on Bourbince.

Collecting water, when it is available, allows not only to anticipate its shortage, but above all to avoid the damage associated with strong waterfalls.

“There may be people who have wells or hills. If a hollow is filled between two valleys, water can be collected, for example, from the roof or from the car park. explains Symbiose technology manager.

Processes to reduce water consumption

Thus, Symbiose Technologies offers solutions for the rental of equipment for water restoration for a short or long period. The company currently has 40 tanks in its fleet, ranging from 20 to 200 cubic meters.

The only companies allowed to water the water are the golf courses and the greens only.

For three months, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been monitoring large water-consuming companies. And for several months now there have been solutions with processes to reduce water consumption. Carriers have made great strides, especially when it comes to cleaning their vehicles to reuse used water and reduce water consumption.

If the manager of Symbiose Technologies understands the pleasure of diving in a pool with such temperatures, he also reminds that if everyone fills their pool regularly, this can affect the consumption of livestock. 5000 liters of water is equivalent to 60 cows per day.

He also encourages everyone to pay attention to this collective resource.

A call for a civil act to allow farmers to fill their animal feeders.

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