Spie enters the construction equipment market in Poland and the Czech Republic – 15.06.2022 at 18:04

(AOF) – Spie, an independent multi-tech services specialist in the energy and communications industries, announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Stangl Technik from Poland-based private equity firms Avallon MBO Fund and Poland-based Genesis Capital. in the Czech Republic. Stangl Technik is a leading player in Poland and the Czech Republic in the field of electromechanical services for buildings. Turnover of Stangl in 2021 amounted to 67 million euros.

With the acquisition of Stangl Technik, the French group enters the Polish and Czech installation services markets for construction equipment and strengthens its position as a “pure player” in the multi-technical services sector in these two countries. Stangl is in the top four in Poland and the top three in the Czech Republic and is a leading player in these markets.

The range of electromechanical services offered by Stangl covers the entire value chain, from design, installation to maintenance.

The closing of the transaction, scheduled for July 2022, is subject to approval by the antimonopoly authorities.


Key points

– The European leader in the field of multi-technical services for energy and communications, established in 1900;

– €7 billion turnover: generated in Europe, with France providing 41% of revenue, Germany 30%, the Netherlands 17%, the rest coming from Belgium, UK, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria, then oil and oil . and nuclear by 7% / distributed equally between mechanical and electrical services, communications services, technical management of installations and transmission;

– “Proximity, Performance, Responsibility” business model based on acquisitions, recurring revenues, complementarity of solutions focused on energy and digital transition and focused on 4 strategic markets – “smart” cities, energy, “efficient” buildings “and connected and industry services;

– Share of capital between the Peugeot family (5.2%), employees (8.2%) and Caisse de Dépôts (5%), Gauthier Louette is CEO of the 11-member board of directors;

– Controlled balance with leverage of 1.8, at its historical low, and 1.9 billion euros in cash.


– A strategy based on offering high value-added services, focus, strict contract selection (avoiding large one-time contracts) and external growth;

– Innovation strategy: focused on data collection and processing for buildings, augmented reality applications (MAINTiv for equipment) and hypervision platforms… / supported by partnerships and IoT Valley in the south – Toulouse / generating €2.6 billion in revenue through Smart FM 360° platform and 1.3 billion euros through the creation of new capacities:

– Environmental strategy: reduction of the carbon footprint of activities by 25% in 2025 (compared to 2019) / increase to 70% (vs. 42% in 2021) in the share of products sold that contribute to the mitigation of climate disruption / 67% of purchases from suppliers that reduce their carbon footprint;

– Visibility provided by maintenance repeatability (80% of revenue) and production risk limited by customer diversification.


– Activities within the framework of European regulations and supported by recovery plans favorable to energy and information infrastructures;

– War between Russia and Ukraine: there is no direct impact, but there is uncertainty about the consequences for clients;

– Partial postponement to 2022 of the production of information systems and IT equipment due to disruptions in the supply chain;

– Integration of medium-sized acquisitions made in 2021 (€277m total revenue) and Dutch leader in multi-tech services Worksphere (€1.2bn);

– The 2022 target is to increase production by at least 3%, increase operating margins and maintain the leverage effect.

Growth niches for electrical equipment manufacturers

Legrand and Schneider Electric were able to take advantage of environmental opportunities. Legrand has focused on innovation and external growth. The company recently announced two acquisitions, one in the Netherlands and one in Finland. The two operations will enable the company to expand its EV charging solutions and strengthen its position in emerging segments through the growing importance of green mobility and the fight against climate change. As for Schneider Electric, its positioning focused on connected equipment, services and electrical efficiency keeps it productive. He will continue on this path, confident that all of his markets will accelerate in the next three years.