SOFRATESA, technology player with sustainable influence

Based in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Colombia, SOFRATESA is a Latin American company active in transport infrastructure and telecommunications. The group is currently one of the leaders in the design, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of modern infrastructure for sectors such as airports, rail and cable transport.

With over 1,000 employees and 30 years of experience in Latin America, SOFRATESA is actively contributing to the development of major transport infrastructure projects in the Latin American region.

Diverse experience with high added value

Operating across a wide range of sectors, SOFRATESA has gained experience in telecommunications infrastructures to guarantee connectivity and access to information and thus optimize service delivery and how everyone interacts with their environment. The Group is also involved in transport ticket payment systems to facilitate multimodality and improve operational efficiency.

In order to guarantee the safety of air transport, it is also involved in the field of aeronautics and airports, installing and integrating the best technologies for communication, navigation assistance and surveillance.

At the same time, SOFRATESA builds, operates and maintains urban transport systems. Particularly energy and environmentally efficient projects managed by Sofratesa are used daily by more than a million travelers in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Finally, interested in contributing to the sustainable development of Latin American cities, the group is working on the development of multimodal transport, in particular around the metro, monorail and urban cable car. This solution, especially innovative in terms of urban public transport, optimizes travel times. The beneficial effects of these systems on mobility, the quality of life of users, the aesthetics of cities, the economy of countries and, above all, the environment, no longer need to be demonstrated.

SOFRATESA, technology player with sustainable influence SOFRATES

Very structured bilateral relationship with France

Country Competitiveness and Development Manager, the group maintains and develops strong bilateral relationships with France and strives to be recognized for its technology services in the areas of design, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of transport, telecommunications and security. systems.

Its founder, Joan Giacinti, who has always worked to introduce French companies and their technologies to the Caribbean and Latin America, continues to be actively involved in management and development processes, as well as in strengthening ties between economic actors and European and Latin American industrialists.

People in the asset center

Guided by the values ​​of respect and loyalty, a passion for innovation, service, teamwork and solidarity with the countries in which it operates, the group has placed people at the center of its projects.

In each of the countries where it is present, it can count on multicultural teams and places particular value on the local workforce, while ensuring that employees are motivated and trained at all levels of work. Forming multicultural teams is not only an advantage, but a necessity in a Latin American context.