SMT Hautes Technologies makes historic large donation to the Laval Center for Social Paediatrics

On May 5, Laval’s company SMT Hautes Technologies made a historic $100,000 donation to the Laval Center for Social Pediatrics. This is the largest corporate donation the organization has received since it opened 10 years ago.

Unexpected donation of $100,000

SMT Hautes Technologies has been a donor of the Center for Social Pediatrics for 4 years. Indeed, in 2019, SMT became the first company to enter into a multi-year agreement with the Center for Social Pediatrics.

The agreement called for a $25,000 donation this year, but Stephan Deschen, founding president of SMT Hautes Technologies, surprised the team by bringing a $100,000 check instead!

I strongly believe that all children should receive the support they need to succeed in school and in their environment. It is important to give them the tools to shape a generation full of dreams and ambitions!says Mr. Deschenes.

Start of the Espace Bienveillance project

The generosity of SMT and Mr. Deschen is admirable. This massive donation officially opens funding for Espace Bienveillance, our next major project.”, says Me Jean Marius Motte, chairman of the board of directors of the organization.

The completion of the Espace Bienveillance project will allow the Center de pédiatrie sociale Laval to support 200 more children in Homedey, one of the city’s most disadvantaged areas. The premises currently occupied by the organization are too small and do not allow the team to meet the egregious demand for its services.

By relocating the Center to a suitable location, vulnerable children who have been waiting months for help can receive the help they so desperately need.

A surprise $100,000 donation from SMT Hautes Technologies has kick-started our fundraising campaign to move our facility to Homeday.says Mylene Dubois, Executive Director of the Laval Center for Social Paediatrics.

New agreement for $150,000 for 5 years

In addition, Mr. Deschen took this opportunity to renew his company’s commitment to vulnerable children in Laval. A new agreement worth $150,000 was ratified for a period of 5 years.

Through this valuable long-term partnership, the organization will be able to consolidate its team and thus ensure the sustainability of clinical services offered to vulnerable children.

Fundraising is a huge undertaking for an organization like ours. Year after year, we must look for new financial resources and update those we have. When a partner like SMT Hautes Technologies generously provides us with funding for several years, our team is able to support services for children in disadvantaged areas of Laval.explains Ms. Dubois.

Stephan Deschen founded SMT Hautes Technologies in 2001. He and his team have always considered it important to contribute to society and contribute to the Laval community.

Having long supported the improvement of services at CPE, the company decided to offer financial support to the Laval Center for Social Pediatrics so that disadvantaged children can grow and develop just like everyone else. ” AGAINSTTogether we will create a more just and equal world.concludes Mr. Deschenes.

About Laval Social Center for Pediatrics

The Center de pédiatrie sociale Laval is a non-profit organization dedicated to the activities and care of children in its community. The center promotes the overall development of children and adolescents with developmental, socialization or health problems in disadvantaged environments. It also protects the interests and rights of children and their families.

Its mandate is to offer, in a community-integrated residential environment, interdisciplinary healthcare services to vulnerable clientele who are at odds with the existing service network.

About SMT High Tech

SMT Hautes Technologies is the largest electronic circuit manufacturer in North America. In three fully robotic factories (4.0) in Laval, SMT produces more than 10 million electronic circuits every year. He designs and assembles integrated electronic and electromechanical systems.