Skaleet and Mobiblanc join forces to bring cutting edge technology to banks in Africa

Skaleet (, an international fintech company offering a next-generation Core Banking Platform, has just announced a partnership with Mobiblanc, an Agile Digital Services Company (ESN), to provide turnkey solutions to financial institutions across Africa. This partnership will allow financial institutions to launch innovative new digital products that they can make available to their individual and corporate clients.

Based in Morocco and Tunisia, Mobiblanc is a major digital solutions player in North and West Africa. With a talented and dynamic team, the company offers excellent consulting and integration services to a wide range of clients.

Skaleet gives retail banks and other financial institutions the opportunity to launch new banking products and services at competitive prices for their customers. With a core banking platform with an open and modular architecture, Skaleet offers innovative end-to-end, customized and scalable banking solutions.

As the digital market changes rapidly, the partnership between Skaleet and Mobiblanc will allow financial institutions to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology. By offering the best services and advice to their customers, Skaleet and Mobiblanc can quickly respond to the digital transformation of banking and financial services with innovative and flexible solutions at competitive prices.

“Today, it is critical that financial institutions be able to innovate quickly and adapt to change. The ecosystem we offer is designed by experts who recognize this need and are able to offer solutions. We quickly realized that our two companies share the same values ​​and complement each other technologically and commercially. We are glad to cooperate with Mobiblanc. Together, we can enrich our financial services offering and bring added value to our clients on the African continent,” said Yves Eonnet, President and Co-Founder of Skaleet.

“This partnership confirms our strategic focus on supporting the digital transformation of the financial sector. We share Skaleet’s commitment to offer the integration of innovative turnkey solutions based on advanced technological knowledge to add value to our partners and meet new industry demands,” said Youssef El. Alawi, co-founder. Mobiblanc.

Skaleet and Mobiblanc see this partnership as an excellent opportunity to continue to innovate and create new modules and features that will reshape the financial services landscape in Africa in favor of a formal, inclusive and sustainable economy on the African continent.

Skaleet and Mobiblanc will be attending the Africa Pay & ID Expo 2022 (APIDE) from 26 to 28 May 2022 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

About Skalita:
Skaleet is a global fintech company that provides a next-generation, scalable and flexible Core Banking Platform (CBP) with an advanced degree of customization.
This platform allows financial institutions (retail banks, digital banks, payment institutions, etc.) to better meet the expectations of their customers by offering them constantly evolving digital financial solutions. Skaleet’s core banking platform has already been implemented by over 34 financial institutions and Skaleet manages over 8 million bank accounts worldwide. Its main clients are Société Générale, eZyness (a subsidiary of La Banque Postale) and Trust Merchant Bank. Since its inception, the fintech has raised €28.5M from Société Générale and Long Arc Capital, reflecting its desire for international expansion.

About Mobiblanc:
Founded in 2010 in Morocco and Tunisia, Mobiblanc is a reference player in the African market, fully investing in digital solutions. Mobiblanc’s mission is to turn complexity and challenges into added value by developing solutions tailored to customers’ digital transformation needs.
With an innovative and dynamic team, Mobiblanc aims to professionally provide effective and efficient organizing, consulting and integration services for highly demanding Agile clients.