Signing of an agreement between Enda Tamweel, Mazars and ASH Technologies: investment diversification and expansion of horizons

The goal is to strengthen the self-reliance of women entrepreneurs, develop an entrepreneurial spirit among young people and encourage their transition to sustainable development projects.

Enda Tamweel, Mazars Tunisia, an international leader in audit, tax and consulting, and ASH Technologies, a Swiss technology company, have just signed a partnership agreement dedicated to supporting and developing projects and environmental activities.

The purpose of signing this agreement is to create new synergies with the aim of providing concrete and innovative solutions for the benefit of micro-entrepreneurs and Tunisian farmers in order to increase their income and increase the sustainability and sustainability of their projects.

promote the spirit entrepreneurial

The same agreement also includes funding and support mechanisms to strengthen the self-reliance of women entrepreneurs, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among young people and encourage them to move towards sustainable development projects.

In this regard, Ali Sherif, Managing Partner of Mazars Tunisia, noted that “as elsewhere in the world, Mazars Tunisie ensures that CSR policy is one of its activities. As a corporate citizen, Mazars Tunisia is committed to supporting entrepreneurs in the development of their social enterprises by making a positive impact. For the environment and society as a whole. We want to provide support in establishing this cooperation within the framework of the corporate social responsibility program.”

For his part, Jean-Luc Mossier, PhD at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne and founder of ASH Technologies, together with Yacine Allani, a Swiss technology company, stated: “Our company currently has a research and development center called SunlifeLab. and prototyping and industrial manufacturing company Ad Solar Hub Tunisia in Kairouan. Through this new trilateral agreement, ASH Technologies is committed to bringing a new line of solar products to market to offer the potential for innovation and growth in micro-entrepreneurship. At ASH Technologies, our vision is that the world of tomorrow will be more decentralized, modular and, above all, non-volatile. Solar energy, decentralized in nature, directly contributes to this trend.”

Create new channels valuable

Jean-Luc Mossier also said that “First of all, solar energy is not only cheap Chinese photovoltaic panels. It is also, for example, direct thermal solar energy at medium and high temperatures, which allows, in particular, the processing of materials or the storage of energy in phase-change materials, in addition to well-integrated photovoltaic cells. Together with Enda, we share the vision that this decentralization thanks to solar energy can go much further and become a real development factor.

These innovative technologies can create new value chains that will create new jobs. Enda is committed to funding these future new micro-entrepreneurs.”

Monsieur concluded: “Specifically, the first projects may concern, for example, solar ovens and restaurants or aromatic distillers that can operate around the clock and seven days a week, irrigation pumps that can water at night, equipment for processing metals and plastics, quality dryers that provide access to profitable markets.”