SFR, Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Low Point

Orange and Free have the best ratings, but consumers are still very critical of the quality of some services, in particular the fiber connection.

For the first time, the telecommunications regulator (Arcep) publishes simultaneously the findings of two indicators: the Customer Satisfaction Observatory and the annual report “I warn Arcep”. The first reflects users’ feelings, the typology of the problems that have arisen … and the conclusions are not very flattering for the operators.

Averages are misleading. In general, customers are more satisfied with the services provided by operators. Orange and Free are well ahead of SFR and Bouygues Telecom in both fixed and mobile. SFR is also the only one of the four national operators whose overall mobile satisfaction rating has not improved over the year. “Some networks are much more prone to failure than others.», fond of Laure de la Rodiere, president of Arcep. Authorities have launched an investigation into SFR and XPFibre, which deploys fiber on behalf of the operator.

Difficulties with billing

In detail, the conclusions are unflattering. With regard to fixed internet, one in two experienced problems with their carrier over the past twelve months, in particular due to unsatisfactory quality of service or difficulties associated with fiber optics. “The pressure we put on operators won’t stop until we see improvements‘ insists Laure de la Rodiere. It identifies network architecture problems with areas where the installed network is already saturated and insufficient to meet the needs of residents.

In mobile, 30% of customers experienced difficulties, especially with billing. But consumers are poorly versed in the services of operators, while the latter are quite capable of solving the problems of subscribers.

With these metrics, based on observations and criticisms submitted by consumers, the regulator hopes to help customers choose the carrier that best meets their expectations and offers the best quality of service in their region. The idea is to make available another selection criterion besides price: the quality of fixed and mobile services and the attitude of customers towards user feelings.

Free Leader in Fiber Optic Alerts

The I Warn Arcep service received 38,000 requests, up 14% on a yearly basis. The first problem is related to the availability of after-sales service, which explains why customers do not use it much (41%). This is followed by reports related to the development of networks (23%): fiber optics, ADSL shutdown, etc. – all this annoys subscribers. There are nearly eight times as many messages on the fixed Internet as on the mobile, driven by dissatisfaction with the difficulty of connecting to fiber. All operators are concerned, Free is the operator that raised the most alerts ahead of SFR. The persistence of problems over time further exacerbates the situation of the subscribers most affected by these problems.

Arcep wants to use these indicators to tailor its regulation. Five topics were selected, starting with the quality of the fiber optic network and ending with the subscriber. There have been cases where existing clients have been disconnected so that a new one can access the network. In Île-de-France and on the Rhône, the quality of the infrastructure is particularly acute, with poorly laid, broken fibers… so many very worryingly poor quality cables that should last several decades.

However, Arcep reminds that not all operators offer their services everywhere and have the right to do so. Thus, before choosing an operator, you need to check its presence at your address, which can be done through the Arcep website.

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