Samsung mocks Apple’s lack of this technology

Samsung again ridiculed Apple. In the commercial, the South Korean giant poked fun at iPhone users who are patiently waiting for certain technologies already available on their own smartphones to arrive.

Samsung once again overtook Apple. In ads posted on YouTube, American branch of the brand openly ridiculed iPhone users.

baptized on the fence » (on the fence » in French) the commercial shows an iPhone user who is hesitant to defect to Samsung. The world enters both ecosystems separated by a high fence. From the side of Apple devices, we see several users behind the MacBook. Behind the scenes, the world of Samsung seems brighter. The grass seems greener on the side of the South Korean brand.

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Samsung mocks the lack of a foldable iPhone

Sitting on the fence, an Apple user addresses his peers: on the Samsung side, they have foldable smartphones and an epic camera.” They object in their hearts with the humility of a panurgian sheep that they are waiting for the arrival of these innovations on their iPhones: this is what we do, we wait. We are waiting “. The sequence ends with this clear slogan: “it’s time to climb over the fence”.

With very little subtlety, Samsung mocks no flip screen iphone in your competitor’s catalog. The group is also tackling (a little more subtly this time) Apple’s closed ecosystem.

It’s not the first time Samsung points finger at lack of foldable iPhone to highlight their Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. During the iPhone 14 keynote, Samsung’s US Twitter account already exclaimed: “let us know when it rolls up.” At the same time, the brand aired ads for the Z Flip 4 aimed at iPhone users. The video tried to convince the consummate iPhone to try the foldable smartphone adventure.

The undisputed leader in this niche market, Samsung boasts of poaching customers away from its competitors with its range of foldable phones. The brand will especially take a bite out of Apple’s market share, which remains a high-end leader thanks to its iPhone. In South Korea, iPhone users in their 20s and 30s will be particularly interested in the Z Fold and Z Flip, Samsung recently assured.

iPhone hasn’t folded for years

Unlike other manufacturers, Apple has not yet announced its intention to enter the foldable smartphone market. According to the latest news, there will be no foldable iPhone not a fact for several years. The Cupertino giant should wait until 2025 before entering the Samsung-dominated market, analysts at CCS Insight said.

Ahead, Apple will sell other folding screen devices. As a precautionary measure, the California firm should first imagine an iPad that folds. The release of this flexible tablet is expected in 2024.

“Right now it doesn’t make sense for Apple to make a foldable iPhone. We think they’ll steer clear of this trend and probably dip their finger in the water with a foldable iPad. A folding iPhone poses a very high risk for Apple. First, it would have to be incredibly expensive so as not to cannibalize existing iPhones.”says analyst Ben Wood.

In a recent report sent out to its suppliers, Samsung agrees. The Seoul-based giant believes its rival will first launch a foldable iPad in 2024, followed by a hypothetical foldable iPhone.