Russian-Ukrainian conflict leads Cac 40 index to fall below 6400 points, Market news

15 ! This is the number of reduction sessions Bedroom 40 during the current month. The Paris Star Index hit red 15 times against just six days of progress. This Thursday, the barometer, hesitant and hectic, ended with a sharp drop of 1.84% to 6,378.37 points on a still high transaction volume of 5.21 billion euros. At this stage, the results for the week are depressing: Cac 40 falls by 5.54%. The remoteness of a diplomatic solution to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis puts pressure on the morale of the investor troops.

During a telephone interview that lasted more than an hour, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that the operation of the Russian army continues ” to get worse if the Ukrainians do not accept his terms, says the commentary of the Eliseisky. At the same time, the second round of negotiations between Russians and Ukrainians on the Belarusian-Polish border started. “The key agenda items are an immediate ceasefire, a truce and humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians from destroyed or constantly shelled cities and villages”This was announced by Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak on the social network Twitter. Will Vladimir Putin accept his demands? He has to appear on television at the end of the day.

Serial records for gas

Meanwhile, investors are cautious and commodity prices continue to rise. Trunk Brent, mined from the North Sea, flirted with $120 this morning, the highest since May 2012, before bouncing back to $113. In Amsterdam, natural gas hit a new record of €199.99 per megawatt hour (MWh).

Photo Credit: Bloomberg.

If the rise of black gold wore Total Energy Wednesday, she didn’t provide support this Thursday. Shares fell 3.75%. Vice versa, Technip Energies jumped 13.64%. The group, which is offering its first dividend, says it has stopped work on ” any new business opportunities in Russia “.

There are currently two possible scenariossays Emmanuel Auboineau, assistant manager of Amplegest. Scenario first of a short war, then negotiations with a gradual return to normal life. Tensions and grievances will not ease anytime soon, but a certain amount of pragmatism, at least economic pragmatism, will prevail. This scenario will ultimately have relatively little effect on the global economy. Commodity prices should fall quickly, and our 2022 scenario will hardly change. The second scenario, both military and economic escalation, is much more unfortunate and could lead to a situation of very detrimental stagflation for our economies.. On the monetary front, the war forced the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to reconsider its plans. Jerome Powell confirmed on Wednesday before a House committee: The Fed will certainly normalize its monetary policy, but with an increase rate capped at 25 basis points in the rate fed funds in March. The conflict further changed the outlook for the US economy.” highly uncertain “.

Thales on top of Cac 40, Interparfums red lantern SRD

Among other values, Thales scored 3.79%. Defense Electronics Group expects higher operating margins and organic growth of at least 2% this year, despite the currently estimated €100 million negative impact of the conflict in Ukraine on his income.

Getting up in the morning Societe Generale ended with a fall of 0.75%. If she says she can absorb the consequences” extreme scenario “, The Defense Bank does not rule out the loss of its banking assets in Russiawhere he estimates his risk at 18.6 billion euros.

exposed to Russia, Danone as well as Renault further lost 2.7% and 5.87% respectively. Interparfums, which generates about 5% of its turnover in the country, fell by 12.25%, while it cannot set annual turnover forecasts. He will wait until the end of the first quarter for that. Finally, Angie fell by 6.26%. The energy company is put up for 987 million euros the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline projectobject of Western sanctions against Russia.