To cope with rising energy prices, we rely on solar equipment to be installed at home. Focus on 6 products.

With gas and electricity prices skyrocketing, saving energy is now more important than ever. To do this, we use solar equipment, in particular photovoltaic panels.

Save energy: focus on solar power

More owners are choosinginstall solar equipment in their house. These photovoltaic systems will use solar energy, which can be used with photovoltaics, and thus produce electricity almost for free. A real way to reduce energy bills, and above all to act in the interests of the environment and stop polluting the environment.

Saving energy: can we freely install solar panels at home?

To save energy you want install solar panels your house ? First refer to what the law says. Basically, you have to declare work, and so install solar panels for example in advance. Check with your locality’s mayor’s office to see if the City Planning Code allows you to install solar panels. Keep in mind that in some cases you are not required to apply for work to the mayor’s office if the solar panels are installed in height less than 1m80 relative to the ground.

Rising energy prices: what kind of solar equipment to install at home?

It has been decided that you are going to take the plunge and install solar equipment in your home. But which ones to choose? Here is our selection:

Solar equipment: Solar watering and irrigation kit

Several brands offer different solutions for self-irrigating your garden and saving water. For example, you can refer to solar watering kit ready to use for vegetable garden, community garden, garden beds…

Solar equipment: booster pump

Another solar equipment solution for watering a vegetable garden or garden or getting free water at home would be pump with silencer. The latter allows the distribution of water with uniform pressure and constant flow.

Solar Equipment: Solar Street Light

Among the solar equipment for energy saving there are solar street lights. Solar street lights, true solar innovation, autonomous equippedthe solar panel which is charged by the sun’s rays during the day. At night, the floor lamp, equipped with LED lighting, lights up thanks to battery power.

Solar equipment: photovoltaic solar panel

Photovoltaic solar panel is one of the solar equipment the most famous. Usually installed on the roof photovoltaic solar panel will convert sunlight into electricity. The most famous solar panels are polycrystalline, monocrystalline, or even reverse contact.


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