Research: ANVAR organizes demonstrations of innovative technologies for participants in innovation platforms

The National Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Innovation Results (ANVAR) will organize a seminar on the exchange and animation of showcases of innovative technologies from June 9 to 11, 2022 in Bobo-Dioulasso for the benefit of platform participants ‘innovations.

The aim of this demonstration animation, which began on Monday, June 9, is to energize innovation platforms in the science and innovation sector by creating a framework for sharing and sharing results obtained in terms of production, processing and communication. agricultural products.

The aim will be to connect platform participants with decentralized services of the ministry responsible for rural development, companies, research institutions, innovators/inventors and end users of research and innovation results.


In particular, we are talking about strengthening the potential of participants in innovation platforms for know-how in terms of production and processing of products; to exhibit technologies, inventions and innovations created in the context of production and processing of products, in the interests of participants and visitors of the innovation site; capitalize on the achievements, list the challenges and lessons learned from each innovation platform…

As Dr. Louis Sawadogo, CEO of ANVAR, reminds us, the agency is responsible for ensuring that what researchers and innovators find can be known, accepted and used by industries, companies and the general public. economic development of the country. Thus, it is an active platform where the actors discuss and ANVAR accompanies them in the realization of their productions.

Dr. Louis Sawadogo, CEO of ANVAR

He also explains that innovation platforms are made up of several participants in the value chain, such as maize, with a research breeder, growers, processors, wholesalers, carriers, etc., each discussing according to their own interests. But then they agree to move the chain; which makes it possible to develop production.

However, he suggested continuing to focus on food security by strengthening the capacity of national producers and consumers to be able to produce locally, meet needs, and also create decent jobs, because, he said, if people have decent jobs, they don’t go to sellers of illusions that cause current problems.

Dr. Jacob Sanou, Representative of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education

For the representative of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Jacob Sanu, who is also the Regional Director for Higher Education in the Upper Basins, this exhibition is an excellent initiative, as these innovative platforms have enabled him to be a researcher to publish his research results. The advantage of these platforms is that they consist of a group of several participants and allow you to highlight the result, use it, and even give recommendations to the inventor, researcher or innovator.


He points out that the platforms set up in Burkina’s five regions for growing corn have the benefits of increasing production, processing corn, improving the packaging system and therefore marketing or accounting for new recipes. He also mentions that there are other platforms for dairy and meat products that are under development. These days of reflection in his direction will allow platform participants to take stock of their activities, draw lessons from them, make an appeal to allow ANVAR to appeal to donors to remove certain restrictions.

Visiting the exhibition stand by the authorities

Established in 2013, ANVAR is administered by the Ministry of Higher Education. In cooperation with public or private research institutions, its tasks are to realize the relationship between research and development through the rational and systematic use of research results, to promote technological innovations imported and adapted to local conditions, to promote the protection of property.

Jaua Toure