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The Renault Group has chosen German company Vitesco Technologies to develop a module that houses the electrical system of its vehicles. By 2026, the One Box project will equip the electric and hybrid vehicles of the French brand.

“One Box” concept for the future of Renault engines

On July 12, 2022, the Renault Group signed a cooperation agreement with the German equipment manufacturer Vitesco Technologies. The purpose of this cooperation is the joint development and production of the “One Box”. Philippe Brunet, director of mechanical, thermal and electrical engineering of the French group, states that this is “The partnership with Vitesco Technologies is part of the integration of the electrified vehicle value chain, with better cost control being a priority.“.

Vitesco Technologies

One Box will be used to house the vehicle’s power electronic components. Therefore, it will assemble parts such as DC/DC converter, OBC on-board charger or inverter. In addition to cost control, One Box must also provide more efficient operation while reducing weight. According to Renault, One Box will be 45% more compact than existing models.

Equipping Renault vehicles with electric and hybrid vehicles by 2026

The group’s press release indicates that the One Box will be assembled at its industrial sites in France. As a reminder, electric models of the firm, such as Zoé or Mégane E-Tech, are already produced in these areas. By 2026, the division will have to equip the brand’s 100% electric as well as hybrid vehicles. Most of the platform development teams will be based in Toulouse, at the Vitesco facilities in the Haute-Garonne.

This choice is explained by the presence of most skills in these premises. Renault and Vitesco want to anticipate the announcement of the Euro 7 standard, which could seriously delay the project. 65% of Philippe Brunet’s team is currently working on electrification. The remaining 35% is dedicated to electric motors in preparation for this new standard. The latter is still under development and waiting for the final specifications will put the manufacturer in the face of a huge delay in its production timeline.

Electric motors now require software and applications. As part of the project, Vitesco Technologies will ensure the production of vehicles designed for hybrid vehicles (HEV), and Renault – for fully electric vehicles (BEV).

Partnership with Vitesco Technologies

One Box, jointly developed by the Renault Group and Vitesco Technologies, will be integrated into the manufacturer’s current technologies. This concerns, among other things, the IGBT module and the silicon MOSFET. According to Philippe Brunet, this will save 30%. In future technologies, this will allow you to get a profit of 10 to 20%.

The agreement between the Renault Group and Vitesco Technologies will not be limited to the development and production of the One Box. The French manufacturer has indeed brought together a German equipment manufacturer as its short-term suppliers to ensure its progress in electrification. Thus, the publisher will receive a multi-year contract from Renault for power electronics for electric vehicles. From 2025, the German company will also supply a high voltage unit that will combine an AC-to-DC converter and a car charger.

Renault continues to strive to increase its share of the electric vehicle market. To do this, it links partnerships to stay competitive. Collaboration with Vitesco Technologies comes after Valeo, Envision, Verkor and Minth. The manufacturer is estimated to improve battery management from 8% to 50% and electric powertrain from 35% to more than 70%, excluding batteries.