Rafale contracts send Dassault Aviation into the stratosphere

For Dassault Aviation, 2021 was a strong year in both civil and military areas, with an exceptional 100 aircraft orders (49 Rafales and 51 Falcons) and €7.2 billion in revenue (including €5.2 billion for defence, editor’s note). ). with delivery of 30 Falcon and 25 Rafaleexplained the aircraft manufacturer in a press release regarding 2021 results are released on Friday. Everything is in this quote. If 2021 was “exceptional”2022 will be a historic year, in particular with the contract for 80 Rafale in the United Arab Emirates (14 billion euros), which in principle should be put into operation in April or May, as well as the contract in Indonesia (6 + 36). Rafal). Quantity accepting orders for 2021 (74% for export) amounted to 12 billion Euro (3.46 billion in 2020), including 9.1 billion euros for defense (6.1 billion for exports). Ratio book to account (from orders to sales) reached 1.67 for 2021.

On the other hand, 2022 revenue should drop significantly due to fewer Rafales delivered (13 compared to 25). two export clients Qatar and India in 2021), despite a planned increase in Falcon deliveries (35 compared to 30 in 2021). Dassault Aviation has taken into account the Ukrainian crisis, which is closing the Russian business aviation market, one of the most active in Europe.

Three new contracts for Rafale in 2021 and three expected in 2022.

The main event of 2021 is back Iconcretization of search work for Rafale, which led to order for 49 new Rafale (Egypt 30+1, France 12 Greece 6) and 12 used (Greece). The order book as of December 31, 2021 included 86 new Rafales (46 export, 40 France). Besides, purchase in France by company Croatia, after an international competition, Rafale usedallowed Dassault Aviation to login a parallel contract to provide support related to his devices orders.

In 2022, Dassault Aviation is alreadythree Rafale export contracts are pending. Aircraft manufacturer expects entry into force this year 80 Rafale for the United Arab Emirates, 42 (6 + 36) for Indonesia, as well as six additional rafals for Greece after resolution of the Greek Parliament at the beginning of the year. In France, deliveries to the Air Force have been mandated by the Military Programming Law (LPM) since 2027.order in 2023(?) for 42 aircraft: 30 planned initially in LPM and 12 to replace aircraft sold second-hand at Croatia.

In addition, Dassault Aviation also receivedFrench notification of a new contract for vertical support balzacfor support his Mirage 2000s. other vertical contracts concluded with France, Ravel for impulse, Ocean for ATL2, “continue with performance in excess of targets contract”the aircraft manufacturer said.

SCAF, orange light; Eurodrone green light

In the area of ​​European cooperation, Dassault Aviation, the leader of the next-generation fighter demonstrator, has not yet been able to reach an agreement with Airbus on SCAF. “The parties have not been notified about the continuation of work, Stage 1B, due to the lack of an agreement with Airbus Defense & Space.“, explained Dassault Aviation in its press release. Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier said he is waiting for Airbus to sign the contract. Waiting for the signing of this new phase, the first stages of demonstration works (stage 1A) were continued in 2021 and will be completed 1uh quarter of 2022. Finally, the technical concept studiesactive (Print Concept Study JCS) between the three air forces and the manufacturers are ongoing.

With regard to Eurodrone, Airbus Defense & Space GmbH as the general contractor and OCCAr (Organization for Cooperative Arms Cooperation representing four launch customers (Germany, Spain, France and Italy) signed a Eurodrone contract for the development and production of 20 systems and maintenance in operational for five years Dassault Aviation will be responsible for, among other things, flight control and mission communications (together with Thales).

Falcon, business aviation crisis in retro?

In the civilian sector, 30 Falcons were delivered in 2021 (25 for guidance) and 51 Falcons were delivered orders. This increased the alternating currentactivity is due, on the one hand, to the recovery of the aviation market business, and on the other hand, to expand the range with the Falcon 6X and Falcon 10X. However, Falcon’s turnover in 2021 was 1.95 billion (up from 2.2 billion in 2020). This decline is mainly due to the number of Falcons delivered (30 vs. 34 in 2020).

Year has was tagged Ifirst Falcon 6X flight (523 flight hours end of 2021)which should enter service by the end of the year, and the announcement of the launch programThe Ramme Falcon 10X is the world’s largest ultra-long range aircraft and the most comfortable on the market. The 10X will enter service at the end of 2025. Book of orders for December 31There were 55 new Falcons at the end of 2021, compared to 34 at the end of 2020.