Picard technologies conquering new markets thanks to digital technologies

Picard Technologies is located in the Plateau d’Hérens business district in Rouvigny. In the laboratory-like factory, about forty employees produce parts for food production lines under the direction of Juan-Carlos Rodríguez, Managing Director, and Sebastián Bossu, Administrative and Financial Manager. The company declares a turnover of about 3 million euros.

Initially, in 1986, the Picards started a joint trading business for the booming steel industry. When the steel industry is in a recession, a company makes an important and useful decision. He works on a rotational basis and launches the production of pistons made of composite materials – plastics, rubbers, stainless steel – to provide production lines for the food industry, a dynamically developing industry that is not experiencing a crisis. This change of course was carried out by Frédéric Picard in 2010, the current president, the main shareholder of the company and the son of the founders. From part design to installation, through to production, Picard Technologies manages the order from A to Z.

The company goes international

Picard Technologies products are mainly designed for the food market requiring dosing and sealing, such as dairy products, jams and spreads, sauces, etc. Among the company’s iconic customers: Danone, Yoplait, Granny Nova. But also in a completely different genre Toyota and Valéo. A total of 350 clients in France and worldwide. 35% of the company’s turnover comes from the international market with Spain, Italy, Germany, the Maghreb countries, as well as Saudi Arabia, where Danone has the world’s largest yogurt factory, in the middle of the desert, fed by 50,000 cows. In the future, Picard Technologies plans to conquer new countries such as Egypt and Israel, as well as new markets such as pharmaceuticals.

The forty employees are led by Juan-Carlos Rodriguez, Managing Director, and Sebastián Bossu, Administrative and Financial Manager.

On the way to the total digitalization of society

Coming here two years ago, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Santos was keen to initiate the company’s energy transition. First step: paper management. ” At the end of 2020, we launched a paperless project. New procedures have been introduced for this. Today, the company has almost no papers left. This is not so much to save money, but to limit our impact on the environment. Paper consumption was divided by five. Digitization allows us to live up to our values says the CEO.

Digitization has also infiltrated factory processes through the purchase of digital machines. ” It is with the help of digital technologies that we control and program machines, as well as develop parts (automated production). At present, the factory is equipped with seven digital machines. The transition that created jobs. »

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New investment 400,000 euros

For the purchase of a CNC milling machine – will be completed before the end of the year. This new acquisition will be 20% funded by the Haute-France region and will allow larger parts to be processed and thus expand the product range and hence the customer base.