Perfect sounding underwater speakers

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Based on the observation that sound systems in pools are of very poor quality, a young French company has created underwater speakers that reproduce ideal sounds underwater. This innovation is the result of research by Ifremer, a French research institute for marine exploitation.

By order of Ifremer, French acoustics have developed audio device to help shellfish farmers use sound waves to drive away sea bream schools that have been ravaging their farms. This submersible speaker system is also capable of transmitting all sound frequencies of music underwater. Thus, these underwater speakers will make it possible to broadcast concerts in swimming pools with high fidelity, clarifies Yoann Flavinar, Ph.D. in acoustics, one of the developers of the device developed by The young shoot Ocean’s Arise.

When propagating under water, sound has propagation characteristics that are somewhat different than in air. In particular, sound waves travel much faster underwater. he explains. This specificity leads to the fact that we lose our orientation and become unable, for example, to geolocate sound sources. When we listen underwater, we get the impression that the sound is coming directly from our head. With our underwater speaker taking advantage of this phenomenon, it becomes unnecessary to create excessive sound levels in order to start feeling all the low frequencies and even mid frequencies directly in your body. In addition, our prototypes and future products comply with very low safety voltage, as does any electrical device immersed in a swimming pool. We have achieved, using very high performance technology, the sound of a concert with only 12 volts inside this box. »

concert under water

To showcase their underwater loudspeakers, Ocean’sArise is organizing a concert in November at the swimming pool in Culoisy, in the Oise. Composer Olivier Florio will perform for the occasion an original creation inspired by his latest album Waterline.

I worked with the founding father of underwater music for a long time, Michael Redolfiwith whom I gave many concerts, says the author-composer of contemporary film music and contemporary art. It should be understood that loudspeakers that have so far transmitted sounds underwater have been slightly limited, in particular for low frequency propagation. But this new generation of bass-generating underwater speakers opens up a new aesthetic field and new creations. I recently made an album called Waterline, causing this line of separation between the air and water of the oceans. The proposal to hold a musical concert under water would be something like a transposition of the aerial version waterline, in his version 100 % under water. »

Best viewed underwater, this concert is accompanied by a sea ballet. But there are many other uses for these underwater speakers. Sound repellent for marine predators, aquatic wellness speakers delivering soothing ultra-bass sounds. And out new types of sonars which will use very low frequencies so as not to disturb the underwater fauna.

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