Orpea fined according to information from Mediapart – 2022-05-18 at 16:22

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(AOF) – Orpea increases his losses. The position of manager of nursing homes fell by more than 13% to 29.12 euros. Mediapart and Investigate Europe today disclose the existence of a Luxembourg-based parallel structure to Orpea that has amassed $92 million in assets and engaged in dubious financial transactions. French giant Ehpad has filed a complaint alleging “abuse of corporate assets”, according to Mediapart.


Key points

– European number 1 in comprehensive care for addicts with over 116,000 beds and 1,156 facilities in 23 countries, established in 1989;

– Turnover of 4.3 billion euros, divided between France and the Benelux at 60%, Central Europe at 26%, Eastern Europe at 9%, the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America (Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) at 5%, then China;

– Value creation model based on 4 pillars: investment in people, regularly assessed service quality, an organization adapted to international development in places with high purchasing power, 50% real estate ownership (47% in 2020);

– Shared capital (14.5% for the Canadian pension fund CPPIB and 5% for the Peugeot family FFP), Philippe Charrier leads the 13-member board of directors, Yves Le Masne is the managing director;

– Tight balance: €3.6bn of equity versus €6.7bn of net debt boosted by external growth.


– A decentralized operating organization aimed at overseeing the internationalization of the group represented in 23 countries, with management teams for each geographical area and harmonization of procedures and controls carried out by the head office;

– An innovative strategy that anticipates the management of human weakness:

Open Innovation with 108 projects in Health & Care, Catering & Hospitality, Construction & Processes / University Research with nearly 30 Innovation Projects / 100% New Buildings HQE Certified / 5% Energy Reduction;

– Green roadmap for 2023: 100% bids including CSR assessment / 100% suppliers signed the Responsible Sourcing Charter / 100% new buildings HQE certified / 5% energy reduction / 1 uh green loan launch in March;

– After the acquisition of the buildings of three German nursing homes, the success of the partnership with Icade Santé in the development in Europe;

– A reservoir of growth provided by 26,000 beds under construction and strengthened by 6 acquisitions made in 1 uh semester.


– Winning over investors after a collapse in valuation due to the publication of an essay – Les Fossoyeurs – about the group’s mistreatment of nursing home residents, back margin practices and employee overwork;

– Share buyback program.

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