Oneka Technologies wins the American Waves to Water 2022 competition

Quebec-based Oneka Technologies recently received a $729,000 grant for its desalination technology. Snowflake win the grand prize Waves to the water from US Department of Energy (DOE)). This competition aims to accelerate the development of systems driven by marine wave energy to meet the drinking water needs of coastal and remote communities, as well as populations affected by natural disasters or climatic extremes.

Winning the challenge Waves to the waterwatermaker buoy Snowflake developed by Oneka Technologies has been recognized by the Department of Energy as well as National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as an affordable and efficient solution for supplying drinking water in an environmentally friendly way. During the demonstration in the ocean, he distinguished himself with his technical characteristics and commercial potential, all this in competition with three other American companies participating in the final. Compact and pre-assembled buoy Snowflake can be quickly deployed at sea without technical knowledge and can produce up to 10,000 liters of potable water per week with minimal maintenance.

“Ocean salt water makes up 97% of the world’s water resources. This must be desalinated through an environmentally responsible and affordable process to be a solution that has a positive impact on our society’s resilience to climate change. Currently, desalination plant projects are highly controversial due to their high consumption of fossil fuels, very high construction and operating costs, and their impact on the surrounding marine ecosystem. Many island or remote communities cannot afford this type of installation and are turning to alternative solutions for their water supply. This is where our buoy comes in Snowflake said Dragan Tutic, founder and CEO of Oneka Technologies.

“This competition is a great opportunity for innovative companies like ours to concretely showcase the enormous potential of their technologies and boost their international marketing. Design and construction of our buoy Snowflake required a lot of teamwork, but the fact that she performed so well in the ocean during the competition made our team members very proud. This is what gives us the motivation to continue our commercial development efforts,” explains Gilbert Perron, engineer and project manager at Oneka Technologies. Launching in summer 2022, a documentary about the overall experience of the Oneka Technologies team during the US Department of Energy trial will allow them to share their experiences and inspire other technology companies to participate in this kind of event. commercialization of their innovations.

Following the successful demonstration of buoy technology Snowflakeduring the competition in the US, the company launched its product class
Ice Cube which will be used for small volume commercial water production. With a focus on ease of delivery and deployment with a minimum of tools, this class of products is designed for post-disaster emergencies as well as long-term solutions through ease of operation and maintenance by local communities. For high volume applications such as communities with several thousand people, coastal businesses, or even tourism establishments with more than 100 rooms, the product class Iceberg will be preferred. Multiple buoy projects icebergsthus be able to supply more than one million liters per day (1000 m3/day) with networks of several buoyswhich will produce 30 to 50 m3 each. Finally, in parallel with the deployment of parts ice cubes and projects with icebergs, Oneka will develop a system that will be optimized for industries that require a lot of water and municipalities with a population of more than 100,000 people with high volume production, low cost and zero emissions. More information will be available in 2022.

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