Symposium: Normativity and technology through the lens of interculturality Campus ISIT, March 21, 2022, Arceuil.

Colloquium: Normativity and technology through the lens of interculturality
ISIT Campus, Monday, March 21, 09:00
The colloquium “Normations and Technologies in the Grip of Interculturality”, which will take place on March 21, 2022 and will be jointly organized by the ISIT Research Laboratory and the Institute of Law, Spaces and Technology (IDEST) of the University of Paris-Saclay, aims to understand normativity from different angles. Normativity can refer to an explicit system of rules set by authority, such as legislation (legal normativity), but can also refer to how various human groups and technical entities produce implicit norms that structure behavior (normativity). technological). Meanwhile, intercultural refers to the relations of cultural co-presence between people or groups, subjects of communication. This relationship of co-presence operates not only through direct or transmitted experience, but also through normative shaping. The traditional view that law is only related to the state and that there can be a single legal order corresponding to a single geographical space, and that law is always the product of explicit institutional activity such as the legislature, does not work. fit well with our multicultural society. Thus, the recognition of the existence of many legal norms in the field of technology is an obvious, but at the same time a necessary prerequisite for initiating intercultural dialogue. This dialogue should avoid the framework imposed by one or more dominant cultures, but, on the contrary, seek to reconcile different legal orders so that the normative framework of technologies emphasizes interculturality and becomes a tool for transformation. If this intercultural dialogue is possible in the field of legal norms, can it take place within the framework of technological norms? Any technical object, in fact, is the embodiment of a set of values ​​and visions of the world and thus frames our actions, structures our behavior in an often implicit way. What cultural representations underlie our technical objects? This intercultural dialogue naturally found its place in the regulation of the activities of states in outer space. The hostile environment, the cost of access to space, and collaboration on major research programs have made a cross-cultural approach to law obvious, if not necessary. With regard to digital technologies, there is an opposite dynamic: in contrast to space law (which preceded space exploration), digital law developed later, and states were hesitant to set legislative and regulatory frameworks. If today states agree to talk about the fact that the digital space should at least be jointly regulated, they tend to impose their national approach, be it liberal or safe. In an interdisciplinary context, the symposium aims to question the normative models of tomorrow’s society: universalism, relativism or interculturalism.

Colloquium “Regulations and technologies in the grip of interculturality”, which will take place on March 21, 2022, jointly organized by the Research Laboratory ISIT and IDEST of the University of Paris-Saclay.

ISIT campus 23 avenue Jeanne d’Arc 94100 Arcueil Arcueil Val-de-Marne

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