Nissan Qashqai 3 arrives second-hand: is it worth giving it up?


The menu offers the latest Nissan SUVs, 1.3 MHEV with 140 hp. and 158 hp But this is a less powerful version that dominates 90% of the ads. In terms of transmission, the latter is only available with all-wheel drive and a 6-speed manual. As for the 158-horsepower engine, it is offered in the manufacturer’s catalog with two- or four-wheel drive and is equipped as standard with a 7-speed X-Tronic automatic transmission. But at the moment, the supply of used cars is very small, especially in the all-wheel drive version.


The peculiarity of the engines is that they are combined with microhybridization (Mild-hybrid). That is, a starter generator and a small lithium-ion battery that restores energy during braking. This stored energy allows for longer engine downtime and provides additional torque during starting phases or during acceleration, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

In the mechanical menu, a micro-hybrid engine with two power levels.


If the Qashqai is available in the manufacturer’s catalog in five finishes (Visia, Acenta, N-Connecta, Teckna and Teckna+), as well as a Business Edition reserved for professionals. Sometimes Acenta, N-Connecta and Teckna are the most present and in equivalent amounts. Please note that the Teckna+ trim is exclusively for the 158 hp version.

On the hardware side, there are plenty. Starting with the mid version Acenta, 17-inch alloy wheels, rain sensor with automatic wipers, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, “Smart Key” keyless entry and start system, 8-inch touch screen radio audio system. screen and 6 speakers, Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto® connectivity is standard.


Brand dealers and multi-brand centers receive all advertising. In terms of resale models, most of them are used vehicles with zero mileage and, to a lesser extent, management and demonstration models. But be careful! Many ads mention the trade name Qashqai 3 even though it is a facelifted second generation.


Some copies of the Qashqai are already listed below the €30,000 mark. But you’ll have to settle for the Acenta or Business Edition trim level two. So we spotted an Acenta 1.3 MHEV 140hp multi-brand dealer. from April 2022 with a mileage of 12 km for 28,800 euros. New it costs €32,700. This means a 12% discount. Not too bad for a car that’s only two months old.

If you are tempted by the N-Connecta version, the starting bid is over 30,000 euros. So, the professional offers 1.3 MHEV 140 hp. from January 2022 with a mileage of 10 km for 31,900 euros. This is almost 2,700 euros less than the new counterpart. This means an 8% discount. It is not enough…

As for the entrance ticket for the high class Tekna, it costs 35,000 euros. So, the brand’s dealer offers 1.3 MHEV 140 hp. from February 2022 with a mileage of 10 km for 34,700 euros. The price is very close to the new one, which is 37,000 euros. This is a savings of only 7%.

As for the rare 158bhp, we unearthed a 1.3 MHEV N-Connecta X-Tronic from March 2022 sold by a Nissan dealer. This is an executive car with 6000 km on the odometer. Its cost is 33,700 euros. New it costs €37,700. This represents a discount of €4,000. Not bad !

Note that “0 km cases” are no more expensive than copies that have traveled more kilometers. So give them priority.

Lots of ads for sale
Many advertisements for the sale of “used” cars actually contain “0 km”.

What is the possibility of “0 km”?

This is a new vehicle in stock at the dealer and registered for a year in the name of the garage. The goal of a professional salesperson is to meet the annual quotas set by the manufacturer and thus earn bonuses and other commercial benefits. However, once these vehicles receive a gray card, they can no longer be considered new. Now these are opportunities. But rest assured, this is an administrative formality. In reality, these cars were not driven, unlike executive and demonstration cars, and therefore never had private owners. The odometer does not show more than 10 km. The only negative, the contractual warranty for two or three years, depending on the brand and model, starts from the date of first circulation indicated on the gray card. So, for example, a Qashqai registered on April 10, 2022 will have a warranty until April 9, 2025, although it was purchased a few weeks or months later.

Is a recent opportunity really more interesting than a new one?

With discounts ranging from 8% to 12% on pre-owned “0 km” less than six months and available immediately, falling in love with the new Qashqai is tempting. But if we turn to new products, then know that as of today, Nissan dealers immediately have a stock with a good distribution, be it engines, trim and colors. As for ordering him, expect about two to three months of delay. Whatever your choice, and given the possible discounts that range from 7% to 8%, if you can negotiate, buying a new car should not be ruled out, especially since the car is covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. in the case of “0 km” this guarantee has already started for several months. But do not forget that a Qashqai bought new will be fined between 360 and 450 euros depending on its power and whether it has an automatic transmission or not, and that it will need to be added to the final purchase price. Then to your calculators…!