new technologies at the service of well-being

Managing stress at work and improving the quality of life are at the heart of brainLight’s mission. These relaxation systems, unique in France, are designed to reduce stress and bring positive energy into your daily life.

Designed and proposed

BrainLight in France

The BrainLight relaxation techniques, which originated in Germany, were introduced in France thanks to Claudia Studle, President of the BSB. Combining a shiatsu massage chair with visual and auditory stimulation, these techniques promise unique relaxation. These stimulations are made possible by spectacles with light impulses combined with a quiet voice, music, and variable and stable frequencies. The innovation includes, among other things, the addition of frequencies that balance the two parts of the brain. These methods were created by neuroscientists who have carefully studied the effect of frequencies on the brain, and the promise of a positive effect has come true.

The official and sole reseller of brainLight, BSB targets both companies and individuals and aims to enrich its reseller network to cover different sectors. Indeed, BrainLight methods can be offered in companies for employees, in the hospitality sector, as well as in the healthcare sector. The goal is to ensure that every employee’s work environment is not a place of stress and overwork. During his integration into the company, employees felt a noticeable reduction in stress and became more positive about their work. But these relaxation techniques don’t stop at the world of work, people are just as interested. In order to try out these systems, a showroom was opened in Strasbourg to the general public. All you have to do is book your seat and come back convinced. But in case of hesitation, you can request a service for your company; BrainLight travels for the day so that every employee can have their say. Whether it’s a purchase, a service or a rental, everything can be considered, the goal is to bring well-being to everyone.

brainLight: new technologies for well-being

brainLight: new technologies for well-being brainlight

Welfare Above All

Quality of life studies at work are rarely good. Thus, BrainLight aims to ensure the well-being of its employees through three methods combined and implemented by professionals. This medically certified system allows you to witness the effect from the first application: deep relaxation in just 5-10 minutes is equivalent to about 2 hours of sleep, as well as a noticeable reduction in stress. These effects are not insignificant and are fixed as soon as the sessions are repeated. Of the following five, the effects are noticeable on a daily basis, not in one moment: more calmness and serenity in everyday life, increased resistance to stress, and improved mental clarity and well-being. Existence. In the long run, this resilience to stress will be associated with a greater ability to concentrate, as well as improved performance in many areas, better memory, and faster reactions.

brainLight initially capitalized on the workplace, which is a real source of stress for employees. The idea was to make it a pleasant place, synonymous with well-being. That’s why BrainLight provides its clients with interior designers capable of creating relaxation areas. If an employee wishes to purchase a brainLight system for their employees’ breaks but does not have the space to install it, the architect intervenes to redesign the offices. A 10-minute break a day on the brainLight system is enough to relax and de-stress employees. These increasingly common relaxation bubbles in companies offer employees the moment of decompression they need to improve efficiency.

Unique and recognized innovation

In addition to being unique in France and having a presence in Germany for over 30 years, BrainLight has world-renowned partners such as Apple, BMW and Microsoft. So it’s no surprise that they’ve won over a dozen awards since 2015. A six-time Plus X Award winner, BrainLight has been one of the most popular brands in previous PLUS X Award periods.

To meet the needs of all ages and all populations, systems have been created specifically designed for the elderly or even children. The goal is for everyone to feel good in their area, whatever it may be, especially during difficult times. In this sense, BrainLight gave its devices to hospitals during the health crisis to thank those who care for them. The latter then benefited from greater comfort in their difficult daily lives. Having won, hospitals are now raising funds to purchase BrainLight systems.

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