new measures for 4 million employees! details.

People Act Magazine reveals all the restaurant ticket news. A way to feel more comfortable and increase purchasing power?

Indeed, the new “Restaurant Ticket” events will delight you, that’s for sure! The increased ceiling was increased, but that’s not all! Find out everything you need to know in this article.

Restaurant ticket: double benefit for employees and restaurateurs!

For two years, the context was difficult for the French.

Indeed, since the health crisis, some have lost their jobs or money due to partial or total unemployment.

In addition, with inflation driving up the price of energy, gasoline, and certain foodstuffs, each of us seeks to protect ourselves and save money. Thus, the new measures regarding restaurant tickets are welcome.

Recall that food stamps are paid by the employer and the employee. The share paid by each party varies from 40% to 60%. In addition, the amount of the meal voucher can be different and range from 7.50 to 10.50 euros.

Good news from Bruno Le Maire

In any case, the Minister of Economy has prepared a pleasant surprise for employees who receive tickets to the restaurant. Indeed, this Wednesday on the set of BFMTV, he explained that the ceiling of 38 euros, which was supposed to end on February 28, was postponed to June 30. This measure was demanded by a large number of restaurateurs, and Bruno Le Maire decided to respond positively. Previously, the amount of tickets in the restaurant was 19 euros.

Knowing that some restaurateurs have been hit hard by the health crisis, this is a way to encourage the French to spend their perks. Indeed, between quarantine and bans, some people have lost the reflex to go to restaurants and bars to eat, and this is a shame!

This new measure is a way to encourage consumption. This is an incentive for restaurateurs and employees. Note that this will please almost 4 million employees.

Restaurant tickets can be used 7 days a week!

It is often said that good news never comes alone. Well, this is exactly the case! The French will be able to spend 38 euros instead of 19 euros until the end of June 2022.

But besides, the day won’t matter anymore. Indeed, consumers will be able to use their restaurant tickets even on weekends! We remind you that employees could only use them on weekdays or if they worked on weekends.

So, go for a festive dinner with your family or friends! Nothing will stop you from having a good time with our restaurant friends. In addition, health restrictions will be eased little by little.

There is already talk of ending vaccination records now that immunity is almost achieved. This is already happening in other European countries. When will it be France’s turn?

On the other hand, this €38 limit is only valid for restaurants, not supermarkets. Of course, you can use your food stamps at local shops and supermarkets, but the cost remains the same, i.e. 19 euros.

ticket restaurant

At grocery stores, restaurant tickets are not valid on Sundays and public holidays unless clearly stated on the food stamp, according to information posted on the public service website.

Of course, these changes will not completely change the life of the French, but the unreliable can have fun in a restaurant. In any case, even if it’s a little like an inflation premium, it’s still better than nothing.