Mobile phone plan. Orange disgusts its competitors with this XXL offer

Are you looking for maximum comfort and the lowest price for your mobile plan? Orange has a solution. At the same time, RED by SFR (with its RED Deal) and Prixtel are two solid alternatives.

In recent years, French operators have been rather cautious about reducing their mobile data rates. It must be said that the 5G rollout cost them a lot, which kept them from cutting prices like they did at the time. However, since the beginning of this year, the trend has changed somewhat.

Proof, Orange is currently offering a shocking price for its mobile plan.. The telecom operator, known as a high-end operator, converted 100% without any obligation. As a bonus, the price of a 70 GB subscription is now down 65%. Only MVNO Prixtel and RED by SFR are trying to compete with it with smart offers.

I’ll take advantage of Orange’s offer

Orange, the best mobile plan

We no longer represent Orange as it is known to the general public. It is the most premium operator in the French market both in terms of network quality (best in France according to ARCEP) and in terms of customer service. By choosing the Orange mobile plan, you will have access to all the operator’s stores for fast, efficient and free assistance.

A few months ago, Orange became the first incumbent operator to remove any mention of commitment from its offerings. From now on, all his subscriptions are optional. What’s more, the company is currently offering a flash sale on its flagship mobile plan with 70GB per month. In terms of price-quality ratio, it is far ahead of all its competitors.

Specifically, this mobile plan includes all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France (and Europe), plus 70 GB (used in France and Europe) for 9.99 euros per month. This offer is special as it sells for 29.99 euros per month during normal times. The discount is valid for the first year, which allows you to save 240 euros for this period alone.

To do this, use the code SKIING2022 here :

I’ll take advantage of Orange’s offer

The procedure for activating this 70GB mobile plan for €9.99 is simple. You need to go to the page dedicated to the offer, which is displayed by default at 14.99 euros (instead of 29.99 euros) per month. Then you must fill out the subscription form and use the code SKI2022 in the field dedicated to promo codes. This will allow the subscription price to drop permanently below 10 euros.

Again, this Orange mobile plan is optional. The operator pleases us here with a subscription that surpasses all competitors. This is better than MVNOs, which are known for their discounted prices nonetheless. As a reminder, this is packaging for the premium brand Orange, not its low-end Sosh line. The latter is also less attractive than the discount provided by Orange.

Prixtel, an evolving package

It’s hard to get behind Orange, especially when they offer such an aggressive offer. Over the past five years, this is the most aggressive proposal that the operator has seen. If you want to find a lower price elsewhere, you can contact Prixtel. This is an MVNO that relies on the SFR network to build its offering.

Its Le Petit mobile plan can convince you, especially if you’re looking for a low price. This includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 20 GB for €4.99 per month. This offer is valid for the first year and is optional. Where Prixtel’s strength is is that it offers a package that evolves to suit everyone’s needs.

Discover the Prixtel package

Instead of leaving customers out of the plan, its mobile plan adapts with a system of smart tiers. This clearly works in favor of the client. For example, in this Le petit formula, the customer can move to the 30 GB tier or another 40 GB tier depending on their real-time usage. The fee for them will be 7.99 or 9.99 euros per month. In terms of price-quality ratio, it remains very attractive.

This version of Le petit ranges from 20GB to 40GB per month. But Prixtel also has two other formulas that start from 100 to 140 GB and 140 to 200 GB. In this way, it manages to cover all customer profiles, from moderate users to the most Internet addicts on their smartphone. All are non-binding and carbon neutral.

RED deal, original offer

As for the optional mobile plan, RED by SFR cannot compete with Orange’s current offering. It is for this reason that we advise you to look at the RED trade from the outside. It’s an ephemeral offering that’s definitely worth it, and it revolves around two things: a commitment package and a free smartphone.

Here, the smartphone offered to you for free is a refurbished iPhone X in fair condition. Its cost is 299 euros. Once you subscribe to the RED Deal, this device will be yours. You can then 1) keep it for everyday use, or 2) resell it for the same profit. This is a way to recover the cost of the package itself.

To move now to the mobile plan of this RED Deal, it is a subscription with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 100 GB for 20 euros per month. Admittedly, it’s more expensive, but the free iPhone X makes up for the cost. The commitment period is 24 months, which means that the total cost of the package for these two years will be 20 x 24 = 480 euros.

Thus, minus the gift of 299 euros, the real cost of your mobile plan will be only 181 euros (480-299) for 24 months. So this works out to about 7.50 euros per month, which is very correct. This guarantees you a price for the next two years, which is interesting.

To open this package, it is located here:

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