Ministry of Communications Technology and Tunisie Telecom work to bridge the digital divide

Following the closure of the white zone coverage project, which was part of the National Strategic Plan “Digital Tunisia 2020”, the Ministry of Communications Technology organized a visit to the white zone “Safsaf” with a delegation from Qalaat Senan in the province of El Kef to assess the speed of the Internet, as well as the performance and length of the mobile Tunisie Telecom network in the area.

On the sidelines of this visit, Messrs. Nizar Ben Neji, Minister of Communications Technology, and Lassaad Ben Dhiab, Chairman and CEO of Tunisie Telecom, visited Ain Anek Primary School, where speed tests were conducted.

The speed achieved in real time was very convincing: download speeds exceeded 70 Mbps.

A convincing stream that confirms the operation of Tunisie Telecom’s telecommunications network in white zones, distributed over 94 sectors and 47 delegations in 15 governorates and covering more than 164 schools, 59 main health centers and 180,000 residents.

Ichmilni Program: launching a campaign to distribute tablets connected to schools, which is the axis of the program’s mission.

Tunisie Telecom has just launched its “Ichmilni” program since July 4, aimed at enabling the digital inclusion of citizens living in these areas.

Indeed, the Ichmilni program revolves around four main axes, including covering white areas with communications networks, providing a digital integration caravan that will travel through these areas to impart the skills necessary for digital integration to its residents, allowing them to become digitally integrated. , organizing a competition for the best digital integration program, and organizing visits to schools located in white areas to distribute computer equipment for the benefit of their students.

It is in this context and on the sidelines of this visit, which coincides with the start of the new school year, that Messrs. Nizar Ben Neji and Lassaad Ben Dhiab began distributing school supplies and computer tools to the students of the school. Ain Anek School to help them integrate into the digital environment.

In addition, Tunisie Telecom offered these students free access to two of its educational platforms, “Rafi9ni by TT”, which provides rich and varied educational content suitable for all programs (course summary, corrected exercises, educational videos), and “9issati by TT”, digital educational bookstore. which offers a rich and varied catalog of stories and books aimed at supporting children’s development and learning throughout the learning process.

At the end of this visit, the Minister of Communications, Mr. Nizar Ben Neji, hailed Tunisie Telecom’s efforts to reduce the digital divide across Tunisia and summarize the positive effects of digital inclusion in terms of economic growth and social cohesion throughout the country.

For his part, Mr. Lassaad Ben Dhiab, Chairman and CEO of Tunisie Telecom, stressed: “As a national and socially responsible operator, Tunisie Telecom is actively working to promote digital technologies in various regions to support the state’s efforts to establish the principle of equal opportunity and ensure equal access to communication networks in all regions of the country.