Microsoft follows the example of Silicon Valley and suspends its “new sales” in Russia

posted on Friday, March 04, 2022 at 8:02 pm.

US computer giant Microsoft announced on Friday that it is suspending “new sales” of its products and services in Russia, joining a long list of companies leaving the country at least temporarily following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Like the rest of the world, we are horrified, outraged and saddened by the images and information that have come down to us from the war in Ukraine, and we condemn this unwarranted, unprovoked and illegal Russian invasion,” Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said in a press release. release.

The company did not specify what exactly it meant by the term “new sales”, including whether it intended to withdraw unsold goods from Russian stores. Asked by AFP, she declined to comment on the possibility that items in stock at the store would continue to sell.

Mr. Smith also indicated that Microsoft is halting “many aspects of its activities in Russia in accordance with sanctions imposed by governments,” without giving details.

The group from Redmond (Washington) also recalled that it already supports Ukraine, helping it defend itself from Russian cyber attacks.

“Since the beginning of the war, we have acted against Russian measures to position, destroy or destroy more than 20 Ukrainian government, technology or financial organizations,” Smith said.

“We also fought cyber attacks against several civilian targets,” he added.

Through its humanitarian organization, Microsoft also works closely with the Red Cross and UN refugee agencies by offering financial and technical support.

Other tech giants have already announced they are cutting ties with Moscow in recent days.

Apple has stopped selling its iPhones and tablets in the country, and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube (Google) and Twitter have blocked Russian state media messages in Europe.

– “You know what’s going on” –

The Ukrainian government has taken to Twitter asking many companies to stop doing business with Russia.

“You know what is happening in Ukraine now… If you are fighting for human rights, you need to leave the Russian market!” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted on Xbox (Microsoft’s game console) as well as PlayStation. (Sony).

On Thursday, Airbnb and Intel joined their Silicon Valley neighbors in suspending operations in Russia and Belarus.

Brian Chesky, the founder and CEO of Airbnb, tweeted that he was “suspending all operations in Russia and Belarus” without giving details, knowing that tourism is being heavily hampered by Western sanctions and Russian reprisals.

The rental platform also announced on Monday that it will offer accommodation solutions for up to 100,000 people fleeing the fighting in Ukraine.

US chip maker Intel said it “condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” and “suspended all deliveries to customers in Russia and Belarus.”

As for Google, the world’s number one in digital advertising, it announced on Thursday that it would not sell ad space in Russia “due to extraordinary circumstances” for the time being.

The tech giant has already blocked Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik on YouTube, in Europe, accusing them of disinformation about the war in Ukraine.