Microsoft decided not to sell anything in Russia

business news Microsoft decided not to sell anything in Russia

Microsoft has published a press release in which it announces a significant decision: the company will no longer sell any products or services in Russia.

American giant Microsoft announcement today suspend any new sales of its products and services in Russia. One informedMicrosoft explains this decision by the desire to support Ukraine. Microsoft also says it’s working on protection of cybersecurity of Ukraine.

Microsoft no longer sells in Russia

Following Apple, Microsoft decides to leave the Russian market. In his informedMicrosoft — in the voice of its president, Brad Smith — explains:suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia“. The company does not specify what is meant by “new sales”. In particular, Microsoft does not explain whether the company intends to recall its products already stored in Russia and distributed in stores. We assume that this will not happen. In particular, it is likely that the Russians have already subscribed to Office 365 or Xbox Game Pass, who has already paid for a subscription, access will not be revoked. On the other hand, we understand that in the future Xbox will no longer be sold in Russia, as well as Microsoft games, Windows licenses on PCetc.

We announce today that we suspend all new sales of products and services Microsoft in Russia.

In addition, we closely coordinate and work in close cooperation with the governments of the USA, the European Union and the United Kingdomand we are closing many aspects of our business in Russia in accordance with government sanctions.

We think we are more effective in helping Ukraine when let’s take concrete action in line with the decisions taken by these governments and we will be taking additional measures as this situation continues to evolve.

Microsoft protects Ukraine from cyberattacks and helps NGOs

But Microsoft does not intend to stop there. Indeed, Brad Smith declares that Microsoft has been working since the beginning of the war with the Ukrainian administrations to protect your IT infrastructure.

Our the most effective area of ​​work, of course, is the protection of the cybersecurity of Ukraine. We continue to actively work on assistance to cybersecurity officials in Ukraine to protect against Russian attacks, including a recent cyberattack on a major Ukrainian television company.

Since the beginning of the war, we acted against Russian positioning, destructive or subversive measures against more than 20 Ukrainian government, IT and financial sector organizations. We also have acted against cyber attacks directed at several civilian targets additional. We have publicly expressed our concern that these attacks on civilians violate the Geneva Convention.

Microsoft is also partnering with UN and Red Cross help refugees by providing technological and financial support. On the other hand, Microsoft also helps protect these NGOs from cyberattacks. Finally, Microsoft offers support for their employees in Ukraineincluding those who fled the country.

Brad Smith concludes this press release on behalf of the firm as follows:

Like many others, we, together with Ukraine, call for the restoration of peace, respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine and the protection of its people.

Statement by Brad Smith on behalf of Microsoft

Microsoft therefore stops selling goods and services in Russia. The firm also helps protect the administration and civilians from computer attacks and provides financial support to NGOs.

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