Micropep Technologies wants to protect crops with plant-derived micropeptides

Micropep Technologies, founded in 2016 in Ozville-Tolozan, in the Haute-Garonne, develops biological products designed to protect crops. Backed by Bpifrance and community member Les Deeptech, the startup just raised €8.75M.

8.75 million euros: This is the amount received at the end of June by Micropep Technologies of Haute-Garonne from the American investment fund Fall Line Capital, which joined its historical shareholders. This is the second operation of this type in a year for the startup, which has already raised 8.5 million euros in mid-2021. This new fundraiser should enable us to support our business development in both Europe and the United States.explains Thomas Laurent, CEO of this 30-employee startup that is developing natural biostimulants from plant-derived peptides that are likely to become an alternative to pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in agriculture.

First products in 2025-2026

Micropep Technologies, founded in 2016, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Plant Research Laboratory located in the Pink City and Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT), a technology transfer platform that encourages innovation based on the results of public research. I myself come from TTT, smiles Thomas Laurent. Having supported two startup projects, I joined the platform in 2014 as business developer. It was here that I discovered the research work of Jean-Philippe Combier and Dominique Lauressergue. When it came time to think about starting a startup to promote this innovation, I decided to work with them. With success, because after the stages of research and development, the first products of the company should enter the market by 2025-2026.

Long term support from Bpifrance

Micropep Technologies, who could count 40 to 50 employees in 2023 supported by Bpifrance since its founding. In 2016, we won the World Innovation Competition with a check for 200,000 euros. leader says. The following year, we won the i-Lab competition, again receiving a grant of 200,000 euros. We also received development assistance in 2019 deep technologies in the amount of 1.6 million euros, earmarked for the consolidation of various components of our platform, as well as loans in 2017 and 2021. Due to our choice of Réseau Entreprendre, these various types of funding have contributed greatly to our development. Because in addition to the amounts in question, this reassured investors. In France, when implementing an innovative project, if you want to earn trust, it is very important to get support from Bpifrance.

Deeptech ambitions

Community Member deep technologies, Micropep is a technology player committed to protecting the environment. For entrepreneurs looking to invest in deeptech, Thomas Laurent has three pieces of advice. First, take the time to be clear about your company’s possible trajectories in terms of time to market, funding, and profit potential. he points. Also, go to investors very early, ideally when you don’t need them yet. For DeepTech projects that take several years to hit the market, they are your first customers. And finally, be ambitious! First of all, don’t limit your market potential to France. For Micropep Technologies, there is no doubt that the market nuggets innovative is decidedly international.

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