Mayor Pierre Hurmik defends photovoltaic shade project over ring road

It will be the first ring road in France to be covered with a photovoltaic screen. A study was launched to equip 45 km of the Bordeaux ring road with a giant canopy consisting of photoelectric sensors. The project, by an urban architect from the Paris region, is on the desk of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, says Bordeaux Mayor Pierre Hourmik (EELV), who was asked a few months ago and says he defends it fervently. .

“I was interested in this project when the city of Bordeaux received an award from the Geste d’Or. [association représentant les métiers du bâtiment]within the framework of various urban implementations of heat networks, explains Pierre Hurmik. 20 minutes This Friday. Then this association told me about this urban architect who was thinking about paving the ring road of Bordeaux. I looked at the project, which immediately seemed very interesting to me, because I am looking for the smallest areas for the promotion of solar energy in our territory, and there are not so many of them in our city. »

The design is also equipped with CO2 and particle sensors.

The project will cover a total area of ​​200 hectares and “enable production to supply 40,000 houses if they are fully electric (heating, hot water, etc.), or 80,000 houses if they are half electric,” Pierre specifies. Persimmon.

Project of photovoltaic structures above the ring road of Bordeaux – Ville de Bordeaux

The first study, rather brief, was presented to the mayor of Bordeaux. We can read there that this shelter will also be supplemented with CO2 and particle sensors, gases that will themselves be converted into household energy. The structure will also be equipped with “sound traps” capable of reducing traffic noise by 38 dB. Finally, the panels will be equipped with collectors for rainwater, which will be stored in sumps during dry periods.

“I would like Bordeaux to become a pioneer city in terms of solar energy”

“I talked about this with Prime Minister Jean Castex, with whom I spoke on the phone in early April,” continues Pierre Hurmik. This is a project for which the state is responsible, since it owns the ring road, but I want to support it and believe in its feasibility. “The mayor of Bordeaux hopes that this can be implemented “as soon as possible”, even if he believes that it cannot be done right away. “The ring road crosses several municipalities, but we can start with those where the mayors are the most voluntary, of which I am a part. »

The financial estimate for the project is unknown, but it could be carried out by a private partner such as the Labarde photovoltaic power plant, which opened on Thursday in Bordeaux. Installed in a former landfill, it is currently the largest power plant in an urban environment in Europe. “I would like Bordeaux to be a pioneer city in terms of solar energy, and after the Labarde power plant, we must continue projects to move towards energy independence. »

Target: 60,000 m2 of solar roofs

Especially since locations are rare, and Pierre Hurmik is less enthusiastic about installing power plants in natural areas, such as the Horizeo project in Soca, south of Bordeaux. “Many nearby territories are used by megacities to meet their needs,” he regrets. They must provide themselves with the means to place infrastructure within their perimeter dedicated to their energy independence, and this project goes in that direction. »

The city of Bordeaux has several other projects on its side. “We are exploring all possibilities and I want to have 60,000 m2 of municipal building rooftops equipped with solar panels by the end of my mandate. In particular, there will be a submarine base, schools, etc. All future buildings will be equipped with solar energy, an approach that is being simplified with the development of materials, I mean solar tiles in particular. But we know that this will not be enough to achieve the carbon neutrality we are striving for. In this sense, the ring road represents a “great opportunity” that the mayor of Bordeaux does not want to miss.