Maxeon Solar Technologies Introduces SunPower One, a Complete Home Energy Management Solution

A new flexible and open solution providing actionable home energy and battery information to help homeowners maximize their green energy investment.

SINGAPORE, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ:MAXN), a global leader in solar power and innovation, today unveiled SunPower One, an integrated home energy solution that will be built on a flexible ecosystem of products and services, including market leaders Maxeon solar panels and storage systems. and actionable home energy ideas. Based on over 35 years of solar leadership experience, Maxeon’s SunPower One solution puts consumers in control of their home’s energy use.

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SunPower One by Maxeon, the complete home energy management experience

“Maxeon’s goal is to drive positive change, and we continue to do so by integrating our home energy management solution with our industry-leading solar panels. By simplifying the transition to clean energy, we can help our customers accelerate their transition to new energy sources,” he said. Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon Solar Technologies. The SunPower One solution is sure to reinvent and change the consumer experience beyond just the solar panel: it will inform homeowners with actionable energy intelligence in their home, making their home more efficient and long lasting. »

Designed to be intuitive and fun, Maxeon’s SunPower One solution goes beyond simple monitoring to proactively advise homeowners on energy optimization. Over time, she learns about homeowners’ electricity consumption habits and suggests strategies to save even more on their energy bills. For example, SunPower One can determine which electrical appliances are always on in the home and which can be turned off to reduce energy consumption during periods of high electricity prices. It can also identify faulty devices by their abnormal electrical signals in order to repair or replace them. And, most importantly, with the right products, it can provide smart use cases that increase your own consumption, such as charging an electric car with excess solar power, or running your washing machine, dishes, or heating and air conditioning systems at best. once.

During At launch, SunPower One will be sold by Maxeon exclusively with a new all-in-one storage offering: SunPower Reserve. This year, Maxeon’s “SunPower One” ecosystem will be expanded to include other products such as electric vehicle charging, as well as software integration and value-added services designed to empower customers.

Maxeon’s SunPower One solution also reinforces the company’s commitment to the overall success of its installers’ business by unlocking new opportunities discovered through data collected in end customer homes, such as offering products and services to deliver new energy savings. . In addition, SunPower One provides a dedicated installer digital interface to facilitate efficient sales and installation of the solution. With a single account, installers will have access to next-generation intuitive project development and pricing tools, affordable and flexible marketing and training, and automated digital workflows for a better user experience for both installers and end customers. The Maxeon SunPower One solution was designed to help SunPower’s installer partners act as trusted advisors, facilitating long-term relationships between parties as their residential customers’ needs evolve.

To highlight the difference between SunPower One in the market, Ralph Elias, director of product at Maxeon Solar Technologies, said: “We have the freedom to think outside the box and use next-generation technologies to outperform traditional offerings in the market today. Our customers are our guiding star and we will continue to make solving their problems our priority. Looking to the future, he added, “SunPower One’s open and flexible ecosystem will grow over time. We are ready to sign new partnerships with industry leaders to help our end customers achieve even greater energy savings. »

Maxeon’s new SunPower One home energy solution will be available to installers and end users in Australia in the third quarter of 2022. Rest of the year 2022 and after that, it will be rolled out to other markets and customers worldwide, excluding the US and Canada. SunPower One was presented to the public during Intersolar Europe, May 11-13, at Munich.

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